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The U.S. Marine Corps Drill Instructor Semper Fi !! Do or Die !! OOH RAH !!

The Crotch

"In the beginning was the word and the word was God. In the beginning was God and all else was darkness and void, and without form, so God created the heavens and earth. He created the sun and the moon and the stars, so light might pierce the darkness. The Earth, God divided between the land and the sea, and these he filled with many assorted creatures. The dark, salty, slimy, creatures which inhabited the murky depths of the ocean he called Sailors.

God dressed them accordingly, they had little trousers that had bells at the bottom and their shirts had cute little flaps on them and they wore funny looking hats. He gave them long sideburns and beards and nicknamed them "squids". They were banished to a lifetime at sea so normal folks would not have to associate with them. To fully identify these unloved creatures, he called them "petty" and "commodore" instead of titles worthy of red blooded men. The flaky creatures of the land God called soldiers, and with a twinkle in the eye and a sense of humor only God could have made their trousers to short and their covers to large.

He made their pockets oversized so they could warm their hands. To adorn their uniforms God gave them badges in quantities only a dime store owner could appreciate. He gave them emblems and crest and all kinds of shiny things that glittered. (When you are God you tend to get carried away) On the sixth day God thought of creating some air creatures for which he designed a greyhound bus uniform. He discarded the idea during the first week, and it wasn't until years later that some apostles resurrected this theme and established what we now know as the "wild blue yonder wonders".

On the seventh day as you know God rested. On the 8th day at 0530, God looked down upon the Earth and was not happy. God was just not happy !! He thought about his labors and in his divine wisdom, God created a divine creature. This creature he called "Marine" and the Marines, God created in his own image were to be of the air ,land, and sea. God gave them wonderful uniforms, some were green and some were blue with red trim. In the early days some uniforms were a beautiful tan. He gave them pracitical fighting uniforms to wage war against Satan and evil. He gave them service uniforms for there daily work and training. He gave them evening and dress and stylish. He also gave them swords so people who were not impressed could be dealt with accordingly. On the 8th day God looked down upon Earth and saw that it was good. But was God happy? No God was still not happy, because in the course of his labors he forgot one thing, he did not have a uniform for himself. He thought about it and thought about it and finally satisfied himself in knowing that we'll......Not everyone can be a Marine!!!!



"The Drill Instructor Creed"

"These recruits are entrusted to my care. I will train them to the best of my ability. I will develop them into smartly disiplined, physically fit, basically trained Marines, thoroughly indoctrinated in love of Corps and Country. I will demand of them, and demonstrate by my own example, the highest standards of conduct, morality and professional skill."

Young or old every Marine has memories of his Drill Instructor. From the moment a recruit gets off the bus and is told " You people are the lowest form of animal life in the universe, you are even lower than whale shit, do you know how low that is? At the bottom of the ocean"!!

The next 3 months , the recruit will be introduced to a fast paced madness that will cultivate a new mold. The Drill instructors will instill the art of drill and physical fitness daily, he will remind them that he is not there Mother or Father ,and that their soul may belong to God but there ass belongs to the Corps!!.

The Marine Drill Instructor will find all weak recruits and instill a sense of motivation. History of the Corps will be pounded in there brain. Disipline and teamwork will be a every day schedule. The D.I. cover with the Marine Corps emblem in front of a recruits face , screaming out orders , is a memory that will be embedded in their mind for the rest of there life. The mystique of it all is mind boggling for a young recruit. The D.I. has the responsibility to mold young civilians into Marines in a short span of time. It is an awesome job. Nevertheless the job has been going on for many years now and history has proven it has been done well.

The Marine Corps is the smallest branch of the service in the U.S.A., yet it has proven its abilities in all of our wars. There is no outfit in the armed forces of the world that enjoys a comparable mystique; no ancient order still surviving that compels the same loyalty, the same standards of bravery and strength.

The attributes of every Marine always goes back to what there Drill Instructor taught them during Boot Camp.

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