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Pearl D. Buttons
Mobile Structural Engineer/Outdoor Amusements and Entertainment, Princess & Butterfly
Southern, California

ho I am, what I look like, and what I like in a person:

I am 5ft8in tall, and have auburn/brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. I am a Bold Beautiful Woman and love all good people, it is the 'soul' of a person that I see, and all the rest is just packaging. My friends say I can come off as 'intimidating'. I am not sure if that is accurate or not. I have been in relationships both serious, and playful, but I have no label to put upon the kind of people or relationship I am looking for. I just want to start by making a friend, and allowing it to blossom into whatever it becomes. I'm spiritual, empathic, and I sense things. I believe myself to be confident and outgoing and I take risks of an emotional variety ALL the time. I have no emotional preconception, and am willing to throw all caution to the wind with it comes to interpersonal relationships. I just want some honest companionship, in whatever form it takes. I value someone who is responsible and dependable. I love people with a sense of adventure, people who are open-minded, exciting and unpredictable. I am attracted to people that have a strong sense of values, morality and ethics. I surround myself with people that are family oriented and who have a strength and belief in themselves, and a strong spirituality. Basic intelligence is a must and one should be kind, caring, considerate, warm, friendly, and at least have a slight sense of humor. Don't take this world too seriously. I socialize with people that can love children, mainly because I have children and they are involved in my activies from time to time. I am not picky about smoking habits as long as it is done respectfully, meaning respecting peoples airspace. I do not care for excessive drinkers, but social drinking is alright by me. Employment is always a plus.

y Background:

I was born in 1969, and raised in the Hi- Desert of California, my father was in the military, and I had a wonderful chance to spend 8 years in England. I now reside in the Hi-Desert of California with my 3 children, 2 dogs(chihuahua/ terrier mix female & semoiad female), two cats(ocelot mix/short haired male & 7 toed Hemingway female), and partner. I come from a very loving, giving family, and am VERY close to all of them...so close in fact that I live across the street from my mother and father, who have been married since 1968. I have 2 brothers, one 3 yrs younger, one 11yrs younger. I have a 'sister' and 2 nephews and 2 nieces. I graduated from High School, AND also received my GED, and have attended some college.

hings I like to do:

I like 1880's Old West re-enactment, but I love Renaissance period re-enactment. I am of American Indian Decent, and do folk art from that background. Poetry, and art are in my heart and I am a self taught artist of sorts. I am a seamstress, and make my own costumes, and costumes for the groups I am involved with. I love being involved with groups, clubs, causes or individuals, especially charitable causes. I prefer to work for charitable causes rather than a regular 9 to 5 job. I may put in more hours that way, but it is rewarding. I like having fun, I enjoy spending time with people, but I also like being alone sometimes. I enjoy the 'free' things in life, like romantic evenings by the fireplace, walking in a park, window shopping, picnics and sunsets. I really like playing tag, wrestling, having squirt-gun fights, playing hide-n-seek in the house with the lights off, watching movies at home, playing cards and board-games even building with Legos. It does not have to cost money to be fun! I just love having someone around to enjoy those things with. I like spending time with fun people and doing fun stuff, going out to the movies (even drive-ins) once in a while, or going out with friends to a local bar or restaurant to sing Karaoke, or dance. Curling up with a magazine or novel is one of my most favorite past times. Although I enjoy reading to others, I prefer being read to. I love anything written by Steven King and devour his work with a great tenacity. I like to chat on line, and find AND MEET friends that way... My friends and people that have known me for a while, sometimes say that I am mildly neurotic and occasionally intimidating, But, I am an excellent listener (especially to the voices in my head) *smile*. I would give anything I have, and do anything I could if it will truly help someone in true need.