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Canadian Vietnam Veterans
Canadian Vietnam Veteran Organizations


Monty Coles

Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association-Calgary

c/o Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 275755 8th Ave. SE

Calgary, Alberta

403/948-3219 (home) 948-0654(fax)       


Randy Faires


Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association-Edmonton

14212-106 Ave.

Edmonton, Alberta

T5N 1B4


British Columbia

Click here for the Vietnam Veterans in Canada.
Click here for Canadian Richard Shand's homepage.
Or Contact:
Art Eggros

National Aboriginal Veterans Association

736 Granville Street

8th floor

Vancouver, British Columbia

V6Z 1G3

604/688-1821 fax: 688-1821

Woody Carmack

Vietnam Veterans In Canada

P.O. Box 193

Maple Ridge, B.C.

V2X 7G1

604 462 0450 (home office & fax), (e-mail)

George (Davy) Crockett

Vietnam Veterans in Canada-Okanagan Valley

S-10 C-7, R.R. #4

Vernon, B.C.

V1T 6L7


Roger Miller

Vietnam Veterans in Canada-Vancouver Island

#28-3230 Irma St.

Victoria, B.C.

V8Z 7B7

604/723-5528 (home) 724-1232 (fax)


Robert Beattie


Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association-Halifax

P.O. Box 1608

Greenwood, Nova Scotia

B0P 1N0



Rex Fowlow

American Legion

Fort Pepperrell Post C.N. 9

P.O. Box 2316

St. John's, Newfoundland

A1B 4J9




John Brown


Vietnam Vets of Yukon and N.W.T. (lapsed)

603 Cook St.

Whitehorse, Yukon

Y1A 2R5

403/668-5821 (home)   667-5609 (work)



Click here for the Canadian War Museum.
Click here for the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Organization.
Click here for the Canadian POW/MIA Information Centre.
Click here for the North Wall.
Click here for Veterans Affairs Canada.
Or Contact:
American Legion

Ottawa Post #16 Canada

P.O. Box 59031

1559 Alta-vista Drive

Ottawa, Ontario

K1G 5T7

Bob Windor

The American Legion

Department of New York

Canada County

Toronto Post 5

122 Bronte Rd., Apt. 1102B

Milton, Ontario

L9T 1Y9

Mike Gillhooley


Canadian POW/MIA Information Center

41 Laurier Avenue

Milton, Ontario

L9T 4T1


Don Winrow

Canadian POW/MIA Information Centre - London and

President of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association-London

100 Main St. W.

Otterville, Ontario

N0T 1R0


Wayne Wilson

Canadian POW/MIA Information Centre - Sudbury

407-119 Sandra St.

Garson, Ontario

P3L 1P4


Karl Ellison

Canadian POW/MIA Information Centre - Toronto

Johnathan P. Kmetyk Chapter

190 Borrow St.

Thornhill, Ontario

L4J 2W8


Mike Ruggiero


Canadian Vietnam Veteran's-Toronto

P.O. Box 274, Station D

Etobicoke, Ontario

M9A 4X2

416/231-0872    231-0513 (fax)

Al Clause

Past-President and Co-Founder

Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association-London

600 Classic Dr.

London, Ontario

N5W 5X8


Lee Hitchins


Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association-Ottawa

P.O. Box 11375

Station H

Nepean, Ontario

K2H 7V1

613/284-0633 (home) 283-9063 (fax)

Gary Descaine


Memorial Association of Canadian Vietnam Veterans

P.O. Box 25105

LaSalle (Windsor), Ontario

N9J 2L3

519/322-4199 (phone) 326-3119 (fax)


Jacques Gendron


Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association-Quebec

507 Hébert

Maple Grove, Quebec

J6N 1P8

514/225-1082 (home) 686-1249 (fax)

Dominic Rotondo

Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association-Quebec

5740 Coolbrook Ave.

Montreal, Quebec

H3X 2M1

514/739-6237 (& fax)

Arthur B. Diabo

Quebec Director

National Aboriginal Veterans Association

P.O. Box 737

Kahnawake, Quebec

J0L 1B0

514/632-7329 (home) 632-5116 (fax)


Click here for the Vietnam Veteran's Homepage.
Or contact
Ed Johnson and Ric Gidner


Michigan Association of Concerned Veterans

4217 Highland Rd.

Suite #226

Waterford, Michigan


810/471-5110 fax 698-4393

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