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Links to Other Soap Operas A site where you can chat with fans and find information on any soap on TV. The site will also soon include talk shows.

SoapCity: this sit is the ultimate destination for Daytime drama. You can find everything you are looking for, including top headlines, star chats, and much much more. Definately worth your time if you are a major soap fan.

Soap Links: The title pretty much says it all. This is a links directory for every soap on daytime tv. It is absolutely wonderful and helpful if oyu love surfing the web for your favorite soap.

Soapsuds4's Soap Opera Pages: A site where you can find info on the soaps General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Another World, Passions, and Port Charles. This is definately a site you want to check out if you are fans of any othe these soaps.

Soap Opera Central: Here is yet another site that is completely dedicated to daytime dramas. They have individual sites for each soap, giving full informaiton on news stories, scoops and spoilers, updates, and chats. It is very informative, and absolutely wonderful if you love getting info on oyur favorite soap.

Soap Opera Sites: This is the soap link section from the site Mommies on the Web. It has a few sites for all soaps on daytime tv.

The Soap Opera Store: The site where you can buy merchandise offered by your favorite soap.

The Soap Opera Store

Soap Opera Theme Songs: The title explains it contains the theme songs to all present and past soaps. You can even here the old them song from when General Hospital first started.

Turtle Run: This is a site dedicated to the fans of soaps. They bring you a chatroom and message board for all fans to get together. They also bring you the latest updates and headlines for your favorite soaps.