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July:Sonny and Brenda Remembered

This site is definately award winning. As a big fan of Sonny and Brenda I was quickly taken back to all the memories of this great coupld, by checking out this site. It was recently updated, and has great graphics, so enjoy taking a trip down memory lane by checking out this site.

June:Docks Online

This site contains tons of info on all of our favorite's soap, General Hospital. Its litterally got verything you could possibly be looking for. Recaps, character/actor bios, message board, and quizzes. It also hassomefun stuff like fan art, and look alike dolls. Its definately worth checkig out if your a fan.

May:Nancy Lee Grahn Online

This is a fairly new site dedicated to the actress Nancy Lee Grahn, who portrays Alexis Davis. This site contains pictures, come fun word searches, credits. and updated biography on both the actress and character.

January: Sue's GH Trivia and Games

This website is a teriffic site, and it is one that is fun for any fan of GH. It is part of the MSN community, and you can subscribe to the newsletter, play games, and test your knowledge with the trivia questions.

December:Billy Warlock Online

The Webmaster has done a teriffic job on a site dedicated to the actor playing AJ Quartermaine. Not only does it contain everything your looking for, from petitions for keeping the actor/character, to online chats and transcripts, to pictures. To put the icing on the cake, the webmaster also updates the page daily. This is definately a site for any fan to check out and enjoy.

November:Saras General Hospital Fanfiction

This is the very first award winner at General Hospital: Past & Present. Sara has done a terific job on all her fanfiction and has even taken time to create a picture section on her site. I myself have never been into fanfiction, until I went through Sara's site. In honor of her, I will soon be starting a fanfiction link section on this site, so all viewers will be able to read such wonderful stories.


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