City Manager David Garcia honestly explains seriousness of budget deficit to the Chula Vista City Council 11/1/07.


Maria Kachadoorian, Director of Finance/Treasurerand Budget Director Ed Van Eenoo explain how the budget deficit came about 11/1/07.


Ed Van Eenoo explains ways staff has come up with to increase the cityís revenue 11/1/07.


City Manager David Garcia explains what he believes is necessary to balance the budget 11/1/07.


11/1/07 Chula Vista Employees Association (CVEA) members present alternatives to Lay offs


Some interesting comments and questions in the media about the budget situation and the choices being suggested for savings:

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2.     August 30, 2007 Is there a Structural Problem?

3.     Last two letters to the editor (8/30/07)

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5. November 8, 2007 Chula Vistaís budget cuts donít have to be this way

6.November 16, 2007 Steve Padilla in La Prensa