1. p.246 (Executive Summary) Gaylord will plant no invasive plants “where adjacent to sensitive areas.” Why isn’t this stated as no invasive plants anywhere? Animals, people, wind will spread the seeds of invasive plants easily from anywhere on the bay front to sensitive areas. There must be NO invasive non-natives anywhere!


2. How does it make sense to have ecological buffer in Sweetwater in Phase II but Gaylord, residential and Signature Park in Phase I? The Ecological buffer is meant to be in part mitigation for the park and increased traffic, trash, human/pet intrusion, predation that will occur without the fencing and adequate buffering from having a park, which will be full of people all the time with Gaylord and the increased residential so close. The existing parks Bay View and J Street are heavily used. This one will be more so. The sensitive habitat needs protection first before these things are built. Actually before  construction starts, since construction will involve a great deal of traffic, noise, air pollution, and increased number of people, possibly with pets, since I see no specific prohibition of this. 


3. Why is there not a requirement for training of construction workers and a list of rules? This large number of workers on site brings with it the possibility of increased trash, predation, illegal entry into sensitive areas and even possible pets. Training about sensitive habitats and strictly enforced rules is critical to preventing impacts.


4. Why is there not a requirement for training of workers at all hotels and other businesses about the sensitive environment and appropriate behavior?


5. 4.2-12 Has South Corridor Group ever met? (WIDIF is inadequate to cover freeway upgrades.)


6. 4.2-14 How will traffic signal solve problem of too much traffic at J and Bay Blvd.?


7. 4.2-23 Who (which tenant) will be responsible for widening H, J, A, and C? How are these roads going to be widened in future phases? Will there be large enough ROW’s without vegetation? What will happen to bike and pedestrian paths?


8. If idea is to integrate the bay front with the rest of Chula Vista why is almost all of the focus of mitigation on west of I-5 except for one at Woodlawn and one to Broadway? The reality is there needs to be a major east west road (freeway?) all the way east of I-805.


9. 4.2-31 Does not state adequacy of mitigation.


10. 4.2-42 How can you justify assuming that all traffic before phase IV on H will start at I-5? A 6 lane major road (H) 25 years into project would seem to be too little too late? How will this be accomplished when numerous businesses including Gateway east of I-5 are virtually on the street?


11.4.4-3 How can 100- foot setbacks be maintained when all these roads are to be widened in each phase?


12. 4.4-5 Mitigation 4.4-1 is irrelevant to the Silverstrand.


13. 4.4-7, 4.4-8 How does 4.4-1 mitigate “disparity of scale” and its moderate significant impact?


14. 4.2-38 Phase III plan is to make E go behind Gaylord?


15. If Nature Center Road is in Phase I why is extension of F street to it left to Phase IV?


16. Specifically what will be done to prevent bird strikes on the Atrium, since its description appears to have everyone of the danger signs?


17. How can it be said the population and housing is not a significant impact when this project plans on adding 3,000 to 5,000 low wage jobs and we already have working poor living two, three or more families to a home in Chula Vista?


18. 6.5-26, etc. How can some of these be evaluated as less than significant and others as unmitigatable?


19. How can Air Quality be significant and Unmitigatable but green house gas be less than significant?


20. How can 4.16-1 say energy impact is less than significant, but cumulative energy impact is significant and unmitigatable?


21 Considering governor’s recent declaration and all the “water features” how can water impact of Gaylord and 1500 condominiums as well as all this landscaping, especially cumulatively be considered less than significant? Reclaimed water needs to be used outside through out. Considering volume of water to be used a re-watering system needs to be included in both the residential and the hotel.


22. MMP 4.2-6 how will widening H St. to 4 lanes help E Street at I-5?


23. How will 4.2-41 2 left turn lanes along street A help traffic on F and E?


24. How will stop light where there is now a stop sign help J and Bay Blvd.?


25. 4.2-11 How will widening H help J and Marina Blvd.?


26. Will Gaylord shade any part of the F/G Street marsh at any time of day or Year.? Has this been verified by a shade study?