Medical Marijuana


In 1996 Prop 215 in the state of California created the Compassionate Use of marijuana law, which allowed Californians who could get a Doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana for medical purposes. In 2003 the legislature passed SB420 to set up a medical Identification Card system to help protect medical marijuana users from arrest. The id cards are voluntary. In 2009 the Obama Administration made it clear that the DEA would not raid or prosecute people who used medicinal marijuana or doctors who recommended it under the guidelines adopted by states with laws permitting medicinal use of marijuana. In 2009 the Supreme Court refused to hear the County of San Diego’s appeal of their suit refusing to issue medical marijuana identification cards. In July of 2009 the County of San Diego started to issue these cards and has issued around 100 so far. Cities in the county also started to pass moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries in 2009 because they wanted time to study how they should be regulated. AB390 or some similar bill may come to a vote in the California legislature sometime in 2010, which would legalize recreational use of marijuana and clear up some of the confusion about cultivation and purity.

On July 21, 2009 the Chula Vista city council passed an emergency ordinance. Click here and go to 50:25 to see the discussion about an Emergency Ordinance to adopt a 45-day moratorium on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Chula Vista.

On August 10 at Salt Creek Park Community Center Councilman Rudy Ramirez held his normal monthly office hours. The meeting was about Medicinal Marijuana. Over 20 people attended and discussed their opinions about medicinal marijuana. Many of the people there related experiences with pain and nausea from cancer and chemotherapy. They explained how marijuana provided some relief from pain and the ability to keep food down. They welcomed regulation, but asked for the chance to have safe local access.


On August 24, 2009 the Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association hosted a presentation on Medicinal Marijuana that was attended by 71 people. The purpose of the presentation was to present facts so that the community could begin to have a thoughtful dialogue over what regulations should be considered for adoption by the city of Chula Vista. The person who prepared the PowerPoint talked with city officials, doctors, and police officers state wide in order to provide an unemotional resource for citizens wanting to know more. THIS IS THE PRESENTATION PRESENTED.

On August 27, 2009 the Northwest Civic Association, Southbay Forum and the Southwest Civic Chula Vista Association will host a forum where the two sides will debate the issue. Introductory remarks by the two young men who want to open a dispensary in CV: part one, part two. Introductory remarks by Steve Walters, SD County Deputy District Attorney. Response by Anakka Hartwell, licensed Social Worker & answer by DDA. Two exchanges between another patient advocate and DDA where the patient Advocate from Escondido tries to get the DDA to take some responsibility or to at least acknowledge some of what is occurring in the County.  Exchange one. Exchange Two. Closing remarks by panelists.

On September 1, 2009 the Chula Vista city council will consider extending the moratorium to ten months and 15 days to give them more time to work on possible ordinances and to wait for the final decision on the Anaheim case, which will determine if cities can refuse to permit dispensaries. The Agenda packet for this item (14) includes the analysis of the CV City Attorney, the Attorney General’s Guidelines, sample ordinances from Clovis, San Francisco, West Hollywood, and Anaheim, and a White Paper from the Police Chief’s Association in California.