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REAS means Rubberized Emulsion Aggregate Slurry.  Our costs are per square feet in the contracts.  The total cost per square foot on the REAS is $.60/SF.  For the chip seal it's $.40/SF.  In both of these contracts there is about $1,000,000 for dig outs included in those amounts.  It also includes the costs for restriping streets, reinstalling traffic signal loops and other costs, including City staff time to design and inspect the work. In the cases of these projects, staff time is estimated to be 7% for the REAS job and 5% for the chip seal job.


With respect to the CIP, it is simply a budget document and is not necessarily a spending plan for the fiscal year.  It would be almost impossible for any city's CIP budget to match its actual CIP related expenditures for any fiscal year since capital projects do not start and end within the confines of fiscal year dates.  Some projects take more than a fiscal year to undertake, in fact, many that include significant design work may be budgeted in more than one fiscal year.  There are projects that we are currently working on, the Emerson Street Drainage project for example, that was funded in prior fiscal year CIP's.  That is very common.  With respect to streets, the CIP simply appropriates the funds to projects.  It's our goal, particularly on the pavement rehabilitation projects, to get as much of our project out as fast as we can, taking into consideration weather conditions (many pavement rehab strategies are not recommended to be undertaken in the winter), our staffing capacities to design, bid and inspect projects and contractors ability to schedule work.


Jack Griffin

I have a copy of the CIP (Capital Improvement Plan), but as Jack explains above it does not actually allow anyone to figure out the amount being allocated per year. Assistant Manager Tulloch was the one who told me verbally at our meeting that the city was not able to increase the amount, because of budget problems.