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From: Jack Griffin
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 4:41 PM
Cc: Scott Tulloch
Subject: RE: assessment districts



I have only a few comments on your information.  First, the Council did not approve the First Avenue item on Sept. 11th.  It held the public hearing as required and then tabled any action after the vote resulted, as you correctly stated, in 49% of the property owners in favor.  The Council will need to certify the results of that election.  The residents of First Avenue are already in the process of requesting a new vote.  Also, the proposed assessments ranged from $2,400 to $15,032.  Later in that paragraph you reference Community Development Block Grants and that we used them for road maintenance.  That actually is not true.  We receive about a $1 million of CDBG funds that can be used for capital purposes each year.  We have utilized those funds on a number of different kinds of projects, but never on street maintenance and rarely on street rehabilitation.  We typically used CDBG funds to install ADA compatible curb ramps at intersections, sidewalk rehabilitation, ADA improvements at parks and drainage projects.  A large portion of the approximate $1 million we get each year will go to pay the Section 108 loan, however, there will still be some funds remaining which we expect to use predominantly on ADA curb ramps.