School Board Candidates Forum


          On October 11 from 5:30-8:30 Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association held a forum for the candidates for school board for Chula Vista Elementary School District, Sweetwater Union High School District and Southwestern Community College. Each candidate was given 10 minutes to speak, during which they were asked to introduce themselves, identify the greatest issue facing their District and tell what they would do if elected to improve the situation. CLICK ON NAMES TO SEE THEIR PRESENTATIONS.

          These are their 10- minute presentations:


SUHSD (Sweetwater Union High School District):

Seat 2

George Cameron                 

Jessica Saenz-Gonzalez      , (619) 796-6814

John Vogel                            (619)777-9689;

Pearl Quinones (incumbent), (619)479-1988,


Seat 4

Berta Lopez (incumbent)   ,, (619) 881-7305

(Burt Grossman declined to come emailing the day before the event that he had an ongoing commitment on Thursdays to teach job skills at Barret Youth Camp.)


At the end all candidates were given 3 minutes to summarize. Here are the summaries of all 5 of the SUHSD candidates who attended.


Southwestern Community College

Seat 1

Elizabeth Jean Roach                   (619) 606-6203,

William R. Stewart (Mr. Stewart indicated he had a previous commitment the day of the event but sent this information.)


Seat 3

William "Bud" McLeroy    (619) 300-9993,;

Humberto Peraza      , (619) 300-9993


Here are the three-minute summaries of the three SWC candidates:


Chula Vista Elementary School District

Seat 4

Anthony Golden                   (619) 426-7088

Willard Doc Howard (had a cold and laryngitis, could not come),, (619) 422-1038

Glendora M.                 ;, (619)733-3986


Here are the three minute summaries of these two candidates.