19.64.070 Cessation of use defined Time limits.

A use shall be deemed to have ceased when it has been discontinued either temporarily or permanently, whether with the intent to abandon said use or not.

A. Cessation of Use of Building Designed for Nonconforming Use. A building or structure which was originally designed for a nonconforming use shall not be put to a nonconforming use again when such use has ceased 12 months or more.

This peaker did not operate for two years. It was illegally restarted several times by MMC Energy. For any other business in the I-L zone this would be considered illegal. For this business it should also be considered illegal. By ceasing operations for more than a year they voided their SUP and have been operating without a permit. They are a non-conforming use with no SUP. This is in violation of zoning codes and city code enforcement policy.