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Re: CVPD Complaint Process


"Gary Wedge" <>

thank-you Gary, but what I requested and what I would like is the information the law allows-number and nature of all complaints by year from 1990 to present with disposition if this information is readily available.



Gary Wedge <> wrote:

Good morning Ms. Acero.  I am the division commander for Administrative Services, which includes our Professional Standards unit.  Professional Standards is tasked with investigating allegations of misconduct by our personnel - sworn, (i.e., police officers), and civilian alike.  I saw your public records request for complaints against our officers, and would like to provide some additional information.  


As part of our citizens academy I make a presentation on the entire complaint process, which includes information about how complaints are received and investigated.  I also discuss the nature of complaints received during a sample period, the dispositions thereof, and the levels of discipline that were imposed.  State law prohibits disclosure of certain information, but the presentation should answer most (if not all) of your questions.  I would be glad to make the same presentation to your group, if you'd like; with questions, it usually takes about an hour.  I also invite you to participate in our next (11-weeks) citizen's academy, which begins in the fall.


Please let me know if you're interested and the day on which your organization meets.





Captain Gary Wedge
Chula Vista Police Department
Administrative Services
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