Recall Mayor Cox & Councilman McCann


          The proponents of this recall campaign served the mayor and councilman at the Council meeting on October 30 (jump to 1).


          The grounds for the mayor are:


Inefficient/Ineffective Leadership: inability or unwillingness to negotiate compromises has resulted in initiatives, antagonism and costly court cases; Bungled termination of the City Manager; Poor staff morale.


Fiscal Irresponsibility: excessive use of consultants; no bid contracts; costly reports without council consensus; misuse of staff time; poor understanding of budget problems: cancellation of fireworks and other community events.


Poor Interface with the Community: improper use of closed door sessions; attempts to limit and stifle public comment; condescending attitude toward fellow council and community members with whom she disagrees; lack of concern for the health and safety of all community members


Environmental Mismanagement: has weakened environmental policies; lack of strong, comprehensive energy policy; refusal to oppose inappropriate placement of MMC peaker power plant.


Violating Conventional Standards of Fair Play: encouraged costly, politically motivated court cases against political opponents; ignores environmental justice policies and laws; willing to allow the placement of a peaker plant in violation of city ordinances and General Plan policy; preferential treatment for political allies and out of town developers


The mayor is the main target, because she has been running the council like a dictator and has been largely responsible for bullying staff and the public. She shows favoritism dramatically when she hugs the paid consultant for the peaker plant in public and gives more speaking time to her developer friends. We have had numerous initiatives and lawsuits thanks to her politically motivated non-negotiable positions. She actually refused to meet with community members to discuss their concerns about a heavy industrial peaker power plant a mere 350 feet from the homes of residents in the southwest. She has run at great cost in staff time to the city three “Leadership Academies” where she has attempted to brainwash the public as to her political ideas about the city and how it should be run. To facilitate this she has insisted that anyone who speaks to the public must rehearse in advance with the city’s Communication’s Officer. Dirty Politics seems to be her passion.


John McCann was included because he sent his aide to read a statement of support for this plant copied from the press release of MMC at the November informational meeting.  At one time he voted in lock step with the mayor. At the moment he has been willing to support other positions occasionally. He told a reporter a year ago that the former City Manager was “cooking the books.” He refused to explain himself or identify the manager by name. Obviously if this charge is true there were other employees involved and there should have been an investigation. Considering the city’s financial problems this should have been a critical matter to pursue. He just let it drop.


Councilmen Rindone and Castaneda can’t be recalled because they have less than 6 months left in office. Proponents would have liked to remove them all because they support a heavy industrial use in a light industrial zone 350 feet from residents.


The Grounds for the Councilman:


Inefficient/Ineffective Leadership: Bungled termination of the City Manager; agrees with almost everyone, but follows through rarely; overly influenced by opinion of mayor; ignores General Plan policies and ordinances for favored developers.


Fiscal Irresponsibility: has approved excessive use of consultants and no bid contracts; allows developers to benefit at expense of existing residents & businesses.


Poor Interface with the Community: improper use of closed sessions; lack of concern for the health and safety of all community members.


Environmental Mismanagement: voted to weaken city’s environmental policies; refusal to oppose placement of peaker power plant within 350 feet of homes and near schools.


Violating Conventional Standards of Fair Play: berates fellow council member in public from dais; goes along with preferential treatment for out of town developers.


This is the Secretary of State’s website that explains how to recall a local official: