Follow -up Comments on Inappropriate Code Enforcement Efforts on Second Street

January 29, 2008


Dear Mr. Tullock:

A quick follow up on the SWCVCA meeting that you attended last night:

I do really appreciate the sincerity of your comments in support of the Southwestern Community and the Strengthening Strategy (hereinafter referred to as the "Strategy"). I also have similar feelings about strengthening the community that I live in, but from a different perspective.

You may recall that we met after the introduction of the Strategy to the City Council during May, 2007. I made comments that were critical of the Strategy, basically stating that the community would be better served if the approx. $300k budgeted for the Strategy were spent on repair of Moss Street. We exchanged a couple of emails on the subject with my final request to be kept in the loop on progress with respect to the Strategy. The only thing I heard regarding the Strategy after that was about the trip taken to Indiana, until receiving a letter in late November of 2007 referencing "neighborhood strengthening" in the introduction and demanding that I make an appointment allowing Code Enforcement to enter my property to investigate for Municipal Code Violations. It appeared that the Strengthening Strategy had evolved into more of a "Community Strong Arm Plan," rather than a plan to strengthen ties to the community. I was alarmed that this was the method chosen by the City to enter the Castle Park to strengthen its ties.

I, therefore, decided to go to a City Council Meeting and follow up on my comments made in May. If you review my speaker’s slip of December 4, 2007, and my introduction to the Comment, you will see that my purpose was to follow up on my comments made in May, 2007, regarding community strengthening. I admit that I used sarcasm (and in my opinion humor) to attempt to make my point, which was not allowed as I was cut-off at the point in my Comment where I reached my conclusion. I intend to attend a City Council meeting in the near future and complete my comment on this entire matter.

Following my Comment to the City Council, December 4, I received a call from a City official who stated that the Castle Park area was blighted (which I disagree with) and the City needed to do something, requesting my suggestion.

My suggestion is simple - The City must take the lead - Most of the "blight" in the area is inflicted on the residents by the City itself: roads that are in total disrepair; utility poles that are on the verge of falling over; and the complete lack of walking surfaces - All of which have worsened since Chula Vista annexed the area. All you need to do is look at the few streets that have had the sidewalk and street improvements to see that those residents clean-up on their own, naturally. The City too often characterizes the Southwestern Community as an area absent of pride and character, a position that I strongly disagree with. Disney understands this concept - Watch the Disney movie "CARS" and see what happens in Radiator Springs when the street is repaired.


I have attached certain email messages obtained the first week of this year in my records request related to the Strategy, confirming my criticism of the City and its plan for the Southwestern Communities.

The first is an email from Code Enforcement to the Police Department describing the use of the cc: to the Police Department to gain "cooperation" of the residents. A second element of the same email is a comment by Code Enforcement that the streets are in such a condition that she cannot determine where the road edge is located, but she intended to enforce in the area no matter. Shameful and embarrassing.

I have also attached a second set of email messages between Code Enforcement and the Mayor’s officedated the day after my comments that appear to describe a strategy session to plan a retaliatory action against me for my comments. So much for community input and democracy in Chula Vista, California, USA. Again shameful and embarrassing.

Many of my neighbors are convinced that the City’s activities in the neighborhood are in retribution to my comments at the City Council meeting. Thank you City of Chula Vista, I appreciate the support. I have only shared these documents (and others) with a couple of people that I know and have not yet distributed them in the Community, which I intend to do.

One last comment regarding the condition of 2nd Avenue between Naples Street and Emerson. Repairs to the road and storm drains have been of such low quality and integrity that it appears the City should be investigating what is occurring in that area rather than investigating the residents living on the street. Since the drains have been installed work crews have worked in a driving downpour (during December 2007) to correct a problem and now a large sink hole has occurred in the street requiring an emergency repair that is ongoing at this moment. Furthermore, the ugliest most disgraceful asphalt curb has been installed in such a manner that it actually blocks a driveway, forcing a resident to park in the front yard; and the lane has been reduced to a width of approx. 9.5 feet. Where are the City’s Code Enforcement and Engineering departments? What a shame!!

Thank you for your support in the Community, it is appreciated. Too bad the rest of the City staff members do not share your position.


Ned Ardagna, Esq.

In support of Democracy and the Constitution