Shouldn't the Cuts Start at the Top?


In general looking at the salary schedule the city seems to be very top-heavy with administration. Many of these positions seem to be paid an amount larger than necessary. A good place to start making changes would seem to be the mayor's budget.


Mayor's budget FY 09 baseline

Staffing: Mayor, Chief of Staff, Constituent Services Manager, Coastal/Environmental Policy consultant

Personnel Services                                $572,468

Services and Supplies                             $32,648

Total Mayor Budget                             $605,116

           (Mayor & Mr. Rindone suggested10% reduction) ($60,278)

                   FY 08-09 Adjusted Budget (same as 07-08)     $544,838 (cost per resident $2.39)



Mayor & staff




other benefits  


cost per resident






$182, 816

80 cents

Chief of Staff






81 cents

Constituent Services Manager






43 cents

Coastal/Environmental Policy Consultant






55 cents


*MAYOR OF SAN DIEGO (ALSO CITY MANAGER) $100,464 (base) (8 cents per resident)



City Council Administration (shared by all 5 members) FY 09 baseline

                        Staffing: Executive Secretary, Office Specialist

                        Personnel services                                 $179,007

                        Services and supplies                            $127,045

                        Utilities                                                       $1,925

                        Total city Council Administration      $307,977

(Mayor & Mr.Rindone suggested10% reduction)            ($25,703)

                        FY 08-09 Adjusted Budget                  $282,274 (cost per resident $1.23)


Salaries:  staff





other benefits  


cost per resident

Executive Secretary 






43 cents

Office Specialist






27 cents



        Each Council Seat (part-time) (1-4) '09 baseline

                Staffing: Councilperson, Senior Council Assistant

                Personnel Services                                        $153,230

                Services and supplies                              $16,574

                Total Council Seat Budget                   $169,804

  (Mayor & Mr. Rindone suggested10% reduction)  ($15,719)

                FY 08-09 Adjusted Budget                   $154,085 (cost per resident 68 cents)







other benefits  


cost per resident

Council Person 






36 cents

Senior Council Assistant






26 cents


*SAN DIEGO CITY COUNCIL PERSON $75,386 (base) (cost per resident 6 cents)



1. The mayor is full-time why does the mayor need three staff people to do the work a full time person should be doing?

2. The Coastal/Environmental Policy Consultant was added when Mayor Padilla was appointed to the Coastal Commission. No one is on the Coastal Commission now. Why are we still paying for this position?

3. Why does the mayor need a chief of staff who gets paid more than the mayor does, and more than the budget for an entire council seat?

4. The duties of the mayor are the same as the other council members except for chairing meetings and representing the city. Why is the mayor's budget almost four times that of each other council member?

5. Since we are cutting Taste For the Arts for lack of $27,000 and a full-time staff person, reducing services to residents, cutting music in the park in half, etc.  isn't it time to significantly reduce the mayor's budget and, perhaps, for the council to put a measure on the ballot to amend the charter so that the mayor's salary can be reduced?

6. Should the mayor of Chula Vista be paid more than the mayor of San Diego, every other mayor in this county and 7 of the mayors of the 18 largest cities in the nation? We have a city manager form of government. How can we justify paying a mayor 66% of the salary of a superior court judge when this ends up so out of line with other municipalities?

7. Clearly the mayor's budget should be significantly reduced in this time of budgetary stress. No member of the council, including the mayor, is supposed to be interfering in how the city is run. There is no need for these staff people, who duplicate jobs done by regular staff who report to the City Manager. We have a City Manager form of government and the Charter is very clear about non-interference:


Sec. 305. Prohibited Acts.

No member of the Council shall directly or indirectly, by suggestion or otherwise, attempt to unduly influence the City Manager or other officer appointed or confirmed by the Council in their performance of duties.

The Mayor and the Councilmen are hereby individually and collectively prohibited from performing any administrative or executive functions except as same may be authorized by this Charter or by ordinance of the City of Chula Vista.

Except for the purpose of inquiry, the Council and its members shall deal with that part of the administrative service for which the City Manager is responsible solely through the City Manager.

A violation of the provisions of this section by any member of the Council shall constitute misconduct for which the offending member may be removed from office by the Council.