Will There Be Enough Water to Drink?

1. Insight 2/24/08 When The Well Goes Dry. This is an article that appeared on the front page of Insight. It describes how dire the water situation is becoming for San Diego County.



2. On February 13, 2008 another article made the front page of the Union Tribune. In this article there is a call for mandatory rationing, because the reservoirs along the Colorado River are so low.


3. http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20080224/news_lz1e24lowe.html This article appeared in the Union Tribune on 2/12/08. It explains a complex water-rationing plan that has been adopted for California. It would be favorable to San Diego and is likely going to be challenged in court by Los Angeles and Long Beach.


4.  The San Diego County Grand Jury Report suggests a building moratorium and recycling of waste water are needed, because of the water shortage.



5. Otay Water District and Sweetwater Authority Report on the Water Situation to the Chula Vista City Council on January 15, 2008.


6. How much of a Rate Increase Is Needed? 8/26/09 SWA