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Sales Tax Increase


2-3% pay cut all Chula Vista employees AND 1% tax increase for all Chula Vista residents for one year.


No sales tax increase more than 1/4 %

Raise sales tax

TOT; Sales tax potential

Sunset within a short period of time--hopefully only one year or max no more than 3 or 4 years sales tax increase

Sales tax increase

Sales tax increase

A sales tax of 1%, if it has a sunset clause, if an oversight committee or commission is put into place with community stakeholder representation and invested with real accountability oversight, and finally, with the condition that the tax increase money cannot be used to pay employee salary or benefit raises or COLAs.  I am suggesting 1%, as the money raised by a lesser percent doesnt seem to be significant enough to lift the boat over these tidal waves of economic losses. 

If these workers would submit to pay cuts, then and only then would I consider supporting a City Sales Tax. A City Tax should be used to increase services or address infrastructure issues, not to continue maintaining a level of degradation in services and infrastructure that we are currently enduring.


I am opposed to increasing the sales tax.  I don't think it will work. Supporting the sales tax idea is merely postponing dealing with harsh reality:  we can't afford expensive employees, regardless of what other, comparable cities pay.  Other 'comparable sized' cities may have more industry, fewer homes in foreclosure, etc. Just because they (comp cities) can afford it doesn't mean we now can.

Other Taxes/Revenue

Broaden the tax base--strengthening the utility tax would be better than a sales tax increase

Assessment Districts for library and recreation programs would be less regressive and not affect low- income people negatively

Fees for false burglar alarms

Sliding scale for recreation and other fees

Library Video fees for shorter time i.e. $15/6 months

Traffic Cameras could result in tickets

The fire department employees should staff ambulances for medical calls and provide ambulance service for the city as soon as existing contract is up.


Donation program to donate specific books, DVDs, software, w/ tax receipt  & sticker in book that says "donated by"

Library can host book signings and provide refreshments for members who donate large amounts

Allow community volunteers to take up responsibilities of employees such as park clean up, running programs, etc.

Pay Cuts/Defer Raises

State employees face approx. 10% pay cut effective Feb.2009; can do same for city employees earning above $6,000/month—for short period

Delay COLA (scheduled salary increases until economy improves); Long term: all employees must contribute to pension system (CALPERS currently 0 contribution per employee)

2-3% pay cut all Chula Vista employees AND 1% tax increase for all Chula Vista residents for one year.

City Council officials: Take pay cut or give up raises

City Manger should give up his $1,000 per month car allowance

Eliminate all car allowances (3 comments)

Fire & Police should agree that all COLAs should be given up until a firm date 2011

These employee's deserve whatever they earn. However in these economic times and in light of the budget crisis our City now faces, the reality is we cannot continue to afford these employee's at their current rate of pay and benefits they currently earn.

I think Fire & Police should do more than delay pay increases.  I think they should be willing to share the pain by giving up some salary.  I understand, and am deeply moved by, the fact that they risk their lives for us.  But it looks to me like they are very well paid for this heroic career choice.  They are part of our community, and benefit from our libraries, rec centers, nature center, etc.  They should give up a little, not just delay pay increases or some other trade off that really just increases their pay, so that we can all weather this financial storm in a fair and equitable way.

Cuts in Services

City Council/Mayor take a 10-15% cut in their respective budgets

Restructure city departments to make them run more efficiently; reduce overhead costs

A study should be done by the finance department to verify the city saves money by having fire personnel on 56 hour weeks instead of 40 hour weeks.

Close Jail

Close jail and lay off all jail employees



All employees including city council and mayor should start paying their 8 or 9% of the pension expense. They should get raises promised for next two years to help defer cost. This would give the city over $8 million of increased income for every future year, reduce employee pay by much less if taken before taxes. The raise will only cost $6.5 million over a two-year period.


Improve Efficiency

Look at everything in the cit-copy machines, etc. Think of city as a business and become more efficient.