Candidates Forum 9/29/08


          On Monday 9/29/08 from 6-9PM Southbay Forum and Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association hosted a candidates forum for the four candidates for Chula Vista City council. There was also a discussion of Proposition R, the southwest Community College District bond measure and Prop Q the Elected City Attorney initiative in Chula Vista. The school board candidates who attended got to introduce themselves and say a few words to the audience. 102 people attended all or part of the event.


The meeting started with Proposition R, which is the 362 million dollar bond issue Southwest Community College is trying to get passed. The pro speaker did not show up until after 6:30PM so the con speaker opened the meeting. Here is a video of his remarks:

          The late pro speaker, the facilities manager for the college spoke latter in the meeting and drew many questions, many of which he could not answer:


          Nora Cazares led off with the pro argument for the Elected City Attorney in Chula Vista, Q on the ballot:


          Councilman Rudy Ramirez spoke in opposition:


They each got to give a rebuttal statement:


          The candidates for Chula Vista City Council: Pamela Bensoussan and Russ Hall for seat 3 and Steve Castaneda and Scott Vinson for seat 4 gave two- minute opening statements, which can be viewed by clicking here:


These are videos of the candidates one-minute answers to these questions:


Do you support living wage, prevailing wage contracting by the city of Chula Vista?


Do you support development and redevelopment that does not negatively affect the quality of life of the existing businesses and residents of Chula Vista?


What is your opinion on the peaker power plant expansion in Southwest Chula Vista? What is your position on Alternative sites? What is your position on The Southbay Power Plant?


What increase in revenue would you suggest for the city?


Do you support the Goals and Objectives of the General Plan?


What is your opinion about the Utility Tax discussion at City Council recently?


What would you do to help communities be involved, and how can we help the bayfront project to move forward?


What are three qualities you would like to see in the next city manager and do you believe CM should be hired now or wait for new council?


Should the Mobile Home Park Overlay be Made Permanent?


Closing Remarks by Candidates:


Comments by School Candidates present (unfortunately the photographer left the video camera to do other things and the video is not good, but you can hear their comments):