My beautiful iguana Juan died on October 24, 2002.

Since I missed Juan so much I called the San Diego Herpetology Society and asked for an iguana who needed a home. Debbie told me about a vicious 4 foot, 6 pound male who a lady wanted to get rid of. Two days before Christmas I visited Ceasar. He seemed peaceful enough with me. He had bitten his owner in the foot that morning. She went to the emergency room and got 20 stiches. She was now afraid of him.

I came back on Christmas Eve and took him home. His face was a bloody mess. Apparently he had been attacking his metal cage to try and bite his owner. Ceasar has so far been very good at my house. On Christmas his owner went back to the hospital to have her bandages changed and discovered her foot was infected. She spent Christmas in the hospital.

The day after Christmas I took Ceasar to a vet, who cleaned up his wounds and confirmed that he had indeed worn down the bone in part of his snout. He got an antibiodic shot and oral antibiodics for 2 weeks. Now he gets medicine on his snout daily.

More Pictures of Ceasar