April 26, 2010 Forum


          The Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association hosted a Forum at the Lauderbach Center at 333 Oxford on 4/26/10. The candidates for city council seat number 2—Pat Aguilar, Larry Breitfelder, Jill Galvez and Humberto Peraza-- got to speak for 8 minutes each. Only one of the City Attorney Candidates-Robert Faigin showed up so he was given 15 minutes to speak. It had been the organization’s intention to have a debate between the two candidates for City Attorney, but since the other candidate chose to schedule something else at the same time this was not possible. Two of the three candidates for Mayor-Steve Castaneda and Jorge Dominguez showed up and spoke for 9 minutes each. The current Mayor chose not to come.

          There was also a chance for the proponents and opponents of Prop G to speak. It was an interesting evening where the 90 people who came had a chance to get to talk to the candidates.

          This is a link to what Pat Aguilar had to say.

This is a link to what Larry Breitfelder had to say.

          This is a link to what Jill Galvez had to say.

This is a link to what Humberto Peraza had to say.

City Attorney candidate Robert Faigin’s comments are in three parts: Why CV needs a good Personnel Attorney,  His qualifications,   and what he does a sheriff’s attorney compared to what a city attorney does.

          This is a link to comments by Steve Castaneda.

This is a link to comments by Jorge Dominguez

These are the opening statements given by Yes and No side of Pro G.

These are the answers to questions:

Is it fair to bar Union Contractors from city projects?

Will Chula Vista be Able to Accept Federal and State Funds if this passes?

Has This been Passed Anywhere Else in the Country and What are/were the results?

Will Prop G make it Easier to Use illegal Workers?

Is the Only Thing Certain About Prop G that there will be Lawsuits? (Both sides insist the other side will bring a lawsuit.)