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Chuck Wofford
Gun Batteries of San Francisco

I have been very interested in America's coastal defenses for a number of years, and will try to pass on some of the information I have found on this subject. I would first like to thank Mr. John Martini and Mr. Mark Henkiel who have given me a great deal information on this subject, and who have assisted me greatly in my research. I would also like to give credit to the Park Archive and Record Center, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, for the historic photographs. The contemporary photos are from my personal collection. I hope that you will find this site of interest, and would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations or comments you would like to share.

On the following pages, I will provide brief histories of various batteries. I plan to update this page every so often as time permits. From time to time, I will also reproduce records and documents pertaining to this subject along with links to some of the best Coast Artillery sites on the internet. I begin this series with a tale of fortifications that started after the 3rd system and lasted through 1948 in the San Francisco Harbor Defenses. They were designated to safeguard the harbor from all harm, and even though there was never a shot fired in anger, their presence made them awesome.

Here Are Some Of My Favorite Batteries

Alexander Baldwin Blaney Burnham Boutelle Chamberlain Crosby

Cranston Duncan Dynamite George Yates Godfrey Howe/Wagner Kirby

Lancaster Mendell Miller O'Rorke Orlando Wagner Rathbone/McIndoe Saffold

Sherwood Slaughter Smith/Guthrie Spencer Stotsenburg/McKinnon Wallace

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