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My Art

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Hi all. I am the webmaster here, Andrew Arche. This is my page for all the drawings that I've done in the past few years. As you might have guessed, I tend to draw like an anime or manga artist. It's just something I picked up along the road to being me. Well, here are my drawings.
My Art

guys girls grandchildren Shampgals Chick1
chick2 chick3 chick4 duo1 duo2
trio Drew Fanime2K1 Logo a couple? of models? another couple of models!
Car and People Me! Animated! My Friend, Sara My Friend, Molly Asuka and Ryo
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My Friend Sara and I, Anime-ted! My Girlfriend, Anime-ted! My Girlfriend And I, Anime-ted! My Friend From The Philippines A Pair Of My Mom's Roses
The Sketch For A Shirt I made Antoher Sketch For A Shirt A Drawing Of International Pop Star Coco Lee A Drawing Of My Friend Mary Another Drawing Of My Friend Mary
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