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My CJ5

Boards Crossing Trail

Chas'n Trout!

"A jeep is good for driving through mud, snow, rocks, and over Suzukis or Hondas. . . . . SUVs follow me... ha ha yeah right! . . . . . Theres nothing like a good mud bath. . . . . . Time for some BBQ ribs . . . . . Friday quote -Don't nobody go in the bathroom for about 35-45 minutes....- "

ENGINE1987 Chevy 350 TBI
FRONT AXLEWidetrac Dana 30 with disc brakes, Lock-Rite, 3.54 ratio
REAR AXLEWidetrac Dana 44, 3.54 ratio, ARB Locker
SUSPENSIONRancho 2 1/2" springs, stock shackles, poly bushings, Slick Rock hangers
TIRES/RIMSBFGoodrich 33x12.5 mud terrain, American Eagle 15x10
EXHAUSTstock manifolds, dual exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers
ELECTRICALdual Optima batteries, custom wiring, 120A alternator
MISCBorgeson Steering shaft, 3 inch body lift, full rollcage, aux lights, CB radio, Kenwood stereo, Hi-Lift jack, Best SoftTop, Warn M8000 winch, York210 onboard air system
FUTURE PLANS:Wrangler springs, CV drive shaft, Warn hubs, new seat belts

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Recently Completed Activities

1/2008 Widetrac Dana30 swap

Swap out narrow dana 30 front axle with a 1986 CJ7 widetrac dana 30. The 6-bolt hubs will be retained from the old axle.
This will provide 3 inches more width, stronger 6-bolt hubs, and disc brakes.

d30_before d30_stripped

d30_gears_pattern1 d30_gears_pattern2 d30_gears_backlash

d30_installed1 d30_spindle d30_dust_shield front_brakes_pass


11/2007 Dana30 ball joints replaced

Since one of the lower ball joints was shot it was time tackle this task.
Everything should be removed from the knuckles and the axles pulled.

Required Tools:
1) 1 5/16" socket for upper nut
2) 1 1/8" socket for lower nut
3) joint seperator for removing knuckle
4) ball joint press kit
4) spanner wrench for ball joint sleeve
5) 24" or longer breaker bar

Start by loosening both nuts most of the way but not removed. This will keep the knuckle from falling off. Drive in the joint seperator between the lower ball joint and housing with a small sledge hammer until there is a noticable gap. Next give the knuckle or upper joint stud a few good hammer blows and this should pop the knuckle free from the axle housing. Now the ball joints can be pressed out starting with the bottom joint. The special adapters would make this task fairly easy but odds are you will not have these adapters. I was able to use various sized metal punches to line up the press cups correctly by placing them between the knuckle and cup. After the lower joint is removed the upper joint can be pressed out. Next the new upper joint can be pressed in by reversing the press. Then the lower joint can be pressed in. At this point I made sure to grease the ball joints. Reinstall the knuckle by torquing the lower nut to 85 ft-lbs. Next tighten the ball joint adjusting sleeve using a special spanner wrench (Napa part # 2782030) on the top stud to 50 ft-lbs to preload the joints. Finally, torque the upper joint nut to 100 ft-lbs.

dana30_knuckle_before1 dana30_knuckle_before2 autozone_press ball_jnt_lower_removal

ball_jnt_upper_removal knuckle_bare ball_joint_kit ball_jnt_upper_install

ball_jnt_lower_install ball_joints_installed

install_knuckle1 install_knuckle2 install_knuckle3

install_knuckle4 install_knuckle5

9/2007 New exhaust system installed

exhaust_mufflers.jpg exhaust_hump.jpg exhaust_tail.jpg

8/2007 On-board air system installation

2.5gal_air_tank.jpg air_components_labeled.jpg york_210.jpg york_210.jpg

air_tank_brakets.jpg air_tank_installed1.jpg air_tank_installed2.jpg

6/2007 Dana 44 rear widetrack installation
***Axle was from a 1986 CJ7
1) Disconnect brake line, parking brake cables, driveshaft, and u-bolts. Remove old axle.
2) Disassemble new axle for rebuild. Remove brakes and axle shafts.
3) Install gears and ARB locker. Arabia's Overkill in Campbell.
4) Rebuild drum brakes. Install new brake lines on axle housing.
5) Re-position spring hangers on frame. Cut off old and weld on new ones.
6) Install new axle with new U-bolts. Change rear shackles.
7) Replace axle bearings, retainer plate, retainer ring, and oil seal.
8) Re-position parking brake cables.
9) Install air line for ARB locker.

axle_before.jpg bracket_swap.jpg new_axle.jpg ring_pinion.jpg

d44wideaxles.jpg brakes.jpg width_before.jpg width_after.jpg

4/2007 Warn M8000 winch installation

winch_before.jpg winch_stripped.jpg winch_mountkit.jpg

winch_mount1.jpg winch_mount.jpg winch.jpg winch_installed.jpg

8/2006 Dana 30 ring and pinion change

Old front end Pressing carrier bearings Pressing pinion bearing Backlash measurement set-up

Backlash measurement Coast side Drive side Work bench


Oregon Logging Trail

Oregon mud Oregon mud Oregon mud

This is some of that sticky, goopy mud.


Slick Rock Narrow section Slick rock approach

Boards Crossing July 2001

Climbing a step Joy driving


Boards Crossing Ramsey Trail


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