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MudDuck Central

MudDuck Central has been decomissioned. Currently only mobile operational.

               The radio bench                Mobile/A99 set-up at 8000ft

This is what you need to get out

Retail Stores

Bills 2 Way

CB's at their Best

Copper Electronics

Ham Radio Outlet

1 Stop Electronics

Bob's CB and Wireless

CB City

Premiere Electronics

H&Y Electronics


Pacific CB Radio Sales

Radio Texas

Tower Electronics

Amplifiers and Antennas

Ameritron Amplifiers

Big Dawg Amps

Bo-made Amps

Cookie Built Amps (Prices)

No Name Amps

Davemade Amps

Xforce Amps

Train Built Amps

JoGunn Antennas

Monkey Made Antennas

Signal Engineering - Antennas

Stargun Antennas

Storm Flatline Antennas

Mr Coily Antennas

Extreme CB (Amplifiers, Equipment)

Equipment and Parts

Bird Electronics (Watt Meter Manufacturer)

RF Parts Company (Many Amplifier Parts)

Times Microwave Systems (Coax Manufacturer) (Bird Meters Information)

2kW MFJ Dummy Load $39

Anderson Power Products (Electrical Power Connectors)

Palstar Inc (HAM equipment, Dummy loads)

The RF Connection (Coax and Connectors)

Universal Radio Inc (Radios, Parts, Equipment, Bird Meters...)

The Tube Shop (Vacuum Tubes)

Ken's Electronics (Parts and Equipment) (Used Bird Meters)

Radio Modifications

Triple 1 (many amp links)

WINTransceiver - Schematics

Mods.DK (HAM mods)

Bills Page (misc links)

Krazyhorse Mods (CB mods)

Peg Leg Repair and Mods

DTB Radio (CB Mods)

KC8TFO's HAM Shack

CB Repairs (few cb mods)

Plowboy's CB Mods (circuit mods)

Snake Doctor's CB Mods (CB mods - cap mods)

CB (CB mods and schematics)

CB Modifications (PLL modification listing)

Defpom CB pages (CB mods - Misc info)

Zipped Mod Files (CB mods)

Misc Information

Circus Mobile (Many Links)

Ear Plugger - Superbowl Recordings

RF Power Transistor Data

ARRL- US Amateur Radio Frequency Allocations

Why Antennas Radiate

Coax Specs

Coax Basics

World Wide HAM callsign server

Radio and Coherent Techniques

Rigpix - HAM radio pictures

The DX Zone

Ultimate Antenna Guide

K7ON - Amatuer Radio

RF Power Measurement circuits

HAM Mic wiring diagrams

S.H.A.R.K.K. Amateur Listings

Top CB Radio Sites

FM Transmitter links

Topographic Maps

Nobody Gets Out - As heard in these sound clips

Fan Club

Rookie's Rhyme

DB-settle down



Oyster again


"It is better to be quiet and thought of as an idiot, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

This is what happens to people who mess with The Duck

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