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What do you get when you take a perfectly good Q-2,  and remove it's perfectly good
Turbocharged Revmaster,  and in it's place you install a 100hp Corvair engine?
Well I call it a...


I was happy very with my Dragonfly (which you can see in the background),  doing the best possible work I could.  Taking time to do everything just so,  and incorporating many of the mods outlined throughout the 20 some odd years worth of newsletters.  This was becoming quite time consuming. 

One of the mods I'm truly interested in,  is using a Corvair engine.  It had never been done before in the Dragonfly so there was no lead to follow.  I began learning as much as I could about the Corvair engine and actually purchased 2 engines to build.   The first one was not up to par,  so I purchased another.

I became thoroughly engrossed in the engine work. That's when I realized that I was more interested in getting the engine in the air,  than getting my Dragonfly in the air.  I found this Q-2 for sale in Los Angeles and brought it home.   The engine was removed and sold.

It had been sitting for several years,  probably more than 15.   It had years of dust and crud all over it.  I removed all the metal parts and hosed it out.  I went over it with a fine tooth comb.  The more I looked it over,  the happier I became with the purchase.

Stay tuned,  a Corvair engine will be installed here.

This Q-2 will become a test bed for the Corvair.  The things I learn from installing it and flying behind it will be transferred to my Dragonfly.

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