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Nothing is what it seems until you see through the eyes of innocence and purity.

If I could just stand one night alone in my mind.

There might be a way to truly understand what it is that I hide from.

There are so many possibilities that could stop me from facing reality.

So many attempts to make things clear but never can I face facts.

There isn't a reason as to why I hide, merely a denial of my own insanity.

There isn't much to my own reality, but a facade of pain and constant isolation.

Searching the world for a reason to keep it from falling into the depths of hell.

A reason behind the attempts to keep it together.

To find out why we strive on conquering each other.

Desolation finds even the kindest of souls, and surprises the worst of us all.

There isn't much to say for the world as it self-destructs itself.

Peering inside the brightest minds they still have no clue what the world will do to you.

Poking and prodding till they can resolve why it is you caused so much harm.

Though you may try you can never hide.

Just face the music and rise to the occasion.

Do your best to save everyone then die on the pedestal of your peer’s own insecurities?

After years of waiting you can never heal the wounds of forgotten nations,

from forgotten lives, trapped inside your mind.

As a rip through time drags your soul into another

world constantly driving you into another time.

As if a game being played is inside your mind.

Without any help from any of mankind.

Surely to end it all would save some time.

And in the end you can never survive.

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