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I love working on my homepage.

There is a lot to see so I have installed a convenience stop, including a bath.

I have also left my truck for you to get around.

Just in case you run out of gas I have installed a gas pump.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.

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December 16, 2010


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My grandfather, Elder William N. McGoon,
Blessed me February 27, 1944
at Fort Fred Steele, Wyoming with this saying.

"As the twig is bent the tree inclines."

The train my Grandfather worked on in Slick Oklahoma.

My grandfathers friend, the engineer, is pictured on the train.

Old Windmill

The old windmill once shiney and new,
The blades turning as the wind blew.

To draw water to fill the tank,
for the cattle and horses to drink.

Now it's old, dull and rusty.
Lost some blades when the wind was gusty.

It stands on the prairie, looking forlorn,
all broken, bent and worn.

Wilma Walters
my aunt

Music=Wildwood Flower