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I dedicate this page to the memory of my Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandmother who was Cherokee.

My Gr Gr Gr Grandmother married My Gr Gr Gr Grandfather who had emigrated to America.
They eventually settled in Ohio.

To my knowledge all the gifs & jpgs on my page are public domain and none are copyrighted. If anyone sees one that should not be here please let me know and I will remove it asap. Please feel free to look around and enjoy your visit.
Please do not link directly to the images on this page.
Please download them to your site.
Thank You

Cherokee FlagUS Indian FlagPoemCoupleNative TravelersHerdback bgDream bar
Dream CatcherDream MakerIndian LoversMaidenHorse TepeeMaiden & WolfGreat Spirit
Native Woman bgNative Woman w/HorseGirl in WaterWild WindWarrior & WolvesAlmost HomeWolf Chief
Indian & BuffaloIndian DancerLady RavenMan & BeastTepeeVillage TravelingWolf
Feather barNative bar aniBlue ChiefChiefNative WomanWoman & WolvesWolf Reflect
Couple & WolvesFeathersGirl & WolvesHunt dcBuffalo DreamerPeace PipeChief bg
Old LadyNative barNative on HorseWolf HowlCresent MoonChief SeattleChief Tecumseh

WarriorWarrior bgTotemTotemNative WomanEmbraceWoman & Wolf
Native & WolfChief bgMedicine WomanNative ChiefChief on HorseNa Woman-CloudPeace Pipe
Wolfbg2Wolfbg3ElkMtn LionBuffaloPrayerCow Skull
Spirit of West WindEagle2White BuffaloDream CatcherWolf Moon bgDream CatcherGreat Chiefs
Horse bgHorse2 bgMountain bgWaterfal bgBraveNative GlobeNative Horse bg
Waterfall bgMtn Rainbow bgNative barWolf PupsNative on HorseNative WolfNative Woman bg
ArrowBow aniEagle SkyFeather BarFeather LineIndianIndian Love

Music=Amazing Grace