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Poems of

David M. Smoak

by Shade

We the soldiers who answered the need;
We the men that followed the creed;
Think of the past with a silent rage
and present this thought for you to gauge,
Remembering those who asked that we
join in their fight for liberty.
That they so knowingly sought to deceive
is what has caused our souls to grieve.
We trusted those that we'd elected;
thought our rights would be protected.
We questioned not the right or wrong
as we joined with the misguided throng.
It was not our flag which was in error,
but those that spawned and raised the terror.
Calling upon us to hold back the tide,
while our wives,sisters and mothers cried.
Many fled and shunned the plea
to go and fight for liberty,
but we, the brave, were so very young
we questioned not that the summons rung.
We were to our duty honor bound
as strongly as the seed is to the ground.
Never before a war of dissension
demanding from the soldier such comprehension.
Never a war of such half support
propagated by the false report.
Many fought and many died
fore we saw that they had lied.
Returned home from a war unfinished
We found the honor of our duty diminished.
The soldier hated for the battles lost.
But before and after who paid the cost?
Who had fought and who had died?
Who the victim of those who lied?
Who sees less glory in the fight
than the soldier returned in the dead of night.
Spurned by a nation that wished to forget
Home to a door where no lamps were lit.
Tales when told with derision sung
Never the bell of the victor rung.
Home to a nation that chose to hide
the guilt it felt in a lack of pride.
Home to the land for which we bled
like the hunter home to an unmade bed.
Were we wrong to do the deed
to answer the call of our nations need?
We think not and we would not flee
were we called again by democracy.

©  _end by Shade_

by Shade

You seek to heel the wounds we've got
to stop the spread of the creeping rot.
You who have never heard the sound
of deaths breath all around.

You would cure the hurt we felt
help us forget what we were dealt.
You who know only fear of death
never having dreamed of her warm breath.

You would return the innocence lost
have us forget the frightful cost.
You who have never felt her near
never strained her breath to hear.

You would seek to correct all wrong
help us erase a list so long.
but we do not wish this burden to share
and when we did you were not there.

Go! Be Gone! Leave us we say!
Let us remain to recall the day,
We took to wife the bride named Death
and inhaled the sweetness of her warm breath.

©  _ end by Shade_

Bugles Blown
by Shade

There is a sound upon evening air
bugles blowing for our souls to share.
A sound that rings so true and clear
as they sound on hills both far and near.
Double taps blown in evening light
saying good bye to the soul in flight
A friend departing but not in vain
although his leaving brings us pain.
One that was a kindred soul.
One that shared our common goal.
Taking its leave with the sound
his strength no longer beside us found.
Still the bugles sound his peace and rest
assuring him he met the test.
That he was one of us among the few
that deserved the sound when bugles blew
and we now would bid his soul to sleep
with the song of bugles in his keep.
May he watch over us from where he soared
to his resting place in the arms of the Lord.

© 1973 Shade

The Shield and the Flower
by Shade

Mothers weep and fathers mourn
as home on shields their sons are born.
Men who die for a nations need
are still the sons of their fathers seed.
The nation wears black as their brave depart
born on the shoulders of the kindred heart.
The seed is planted into rows of stone
with the shields placed there so the glories known
Mothers tears dry and fathers stand tall
as they talk of the how sons have given their all.
They shout this should not have come to pass
when bright shields in rows were carried past,
besmirching the nation that would dare to ask
that mothers and fathers bare this task
While shields are left to stand in the rain.
Soon becoming blemished and marked with stain.
The luster of each shield suffers from the blemish
and the duty of the seed becomes diminished.
The nation goes on because of strength of the seed
but the flower it grew now becomes a weed.
and the nation is weakened by the diminished power
of shields with out luster and seed with no flower.

© 1975 Shade

by Shade

Sweet night you come to me,
as the sun sinks to the sea
showing your beauty as you turn to gray
with the approaching end of day.

Patiently I stand upon the shore
until you surround me in content once more
and the days turmoil and stress
are calmed by the beauty of your caress.

I love the sweetness of your soft moonglow
and the soft warm darkness that I know.
Of you, my dearest, I have no fear
as I await you, while standing here.

The sound of the sea rises to a degree that i adore
as it laps upon the sand filled shore
and the waves thunder as they pass their crest
easing the tension in my breast.

You reshape the clouds floating by,
till, with your darkness, they don't seem high
and through them I see your sparkling eyes
that draw from me such awe filled sighs.

Come to me my love, help me pass the time
in the beauty of your arms sublime
until with the break of the rising dawn
I awake again and find you gone.

© Shade 1999
_ end by shade _

Loves contemplation
by Shade

I've been sitting here in expanding contemplation
of remembered definition of loves growing migration.
Redefined understanding as each year went by
has finally placed this thought before my eye.

I know there is the love that's felt in a sexual way
when one with another has a desire to play
and there is the love you feel for a friend
with whom all your time you want to spend.

That's not the kind of love of which I speak
because beside true love others are weak.
Love doesn't manipulate or express a need
doesn't gobble you up with a display of greed.

It's not judged by an emotional contest
controlled by one to see who loves who best.
It does not demand each and every day
that over again the object express its' intent to stay.

loves not a bargain you disguise as a gift
so love will be returned and give you a lift.
love asks nothing from its object you see
and that's why to hold it you must set it free.

you don't place conditions on a love that's true
the only conditions you place on you.
So once it is given you have given it away
and because it is given it's in you to stay.

© 1999 Shade

The Loving Seed
by Shade

Love need not be a lasting thing
It may bloom in early spring
burn with heat the summer long
making us feel we do belong
and as we approach the end of fall
we find Love no longer there at all.
We look up on a winters day
feeling that the cold has come to stay.
Still we recall the summer heat
when we felt the warmth of love replete.
Then from memory we restore the need
to search again for the fertile seed
that with the blooming in early spring
will warm the heart so it can sing.

© 1999 Shade

What Was
by Shade

I remember when it first was
and it was great, when it was.
Then it became just what was
and that was just - the way it was.
Then in time we saw what was
was really no longer - the way it was.
So it became a thing that was
for what was - no longer was.
now we wonder what it was
that brought us to being just what was.

©1995 Shade

Julien of Aberdeen by Shade
The last time Julien was seen
it was just outside of Aberdeen
no one knows why she ran away
from her home on that day

No one that is except for me
for I had been the one to see
John falling from the tower
of the clock that told the hour.

John deserved that death he found
and he died with hardly a sound
The police then ruled it suicide
as being the reason John had died.

But Julien had by then departed
before the police had even started
so she never knew you see
there was no need for her to flee.

Julien had not wished to tell
life with John had been pure hell
nor take the chance that she would reveal
the killers name she did conceal.

No it was not Julien that had seen
the way john did climb out and lean
to shout his challenge to those around
that he was the meanest man in town

John had often beaten her
and so I pushed that lousy cur
and he did fall so very well
on his way down to Hell.

Yes I helped him take that step
though it appeared that he had leapt
and Julien had just up and run
to divert attention from her son.

For Julien would not have me pay the cost
for removing what we felt to be no loss
and I'm sure the push Julien had seen
because that day she left Aberdeen.

© 1983 Shade

Shades of Blue
By Shade

Through out this life
as we pass through
we encounter
shades of blue
Ocean water there to
Deeper blue will deeper be.
Lighter sky a clearer day,
still in blue we pass that way.
Hotter fire and colder Ice,
stronger feeling color twice.
Mondays passed and sadness felt
Still with blue a color dealt.
Blue of diamond a cleaner stone
Sealing marriage a color shown.
Still at night a color moon,
seen not often, once is soon.
Clouds now floating in the sky
wishing clouds would pass us by.
A thought transmitted from me to you
so much shown in Shades of Blue.

2000 Shade







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They Stand
by Shade

There they stand
standing tall
they are the ones
that make the wall
The ones that respond
to a nations plea
The first that defend
our liberty

Time and again
they have withstood the test
and every time
they have proved the best.
Our flag still stands
because they will die
and others still tremble
at their battle cry.

They do not charge
with ungiven reason
but they do not falter
in a killing season.
blood wont stop them
nor will their own deter
given a goal they respond
with "Aye Aye Sir"

First ones in
and last ones out
To make the wall
is what they are about.
brave of heart
with their souls still free
they'll give their lives
for you and me.

We can say we don't need them
because they're near
but without their presence
we would not be here
The cause they serve
the reason they die
their faithful motto
"Semper Fi".

© 1973 Shade

The Wait
by Shade

The night is quiet
I'm all alone
building a fire
of wood on stone
She comes to me
in the cool of night
within the glow
of soft firelight.
that beautiful girl
with flowing hair
never a word
when she is there
but its for her
I am now waiting
for this need
is not abating.
once each month
with the rising moon
and the time is now
coming soon
something about her
inner serenity
brings a warm calm
to the soul of me.
and compared to this
the rest is Hell
for on this night
my thoughts do dwell.
she leans down slowly
and bestows a kiss
and my heart beats again
with the surging bliss.
Then she stands
and goes her way
and again I feel
death that day.
the fire goes out
and it turns cold
I return to my grave
of dirt and mold.

© 2000 Shade

Why the Feeling
by Shade

What is hurt and what is pain
are they feelings we should restrain
for they force the need for peace
when from them we need release.

We suffer most in the search for good
and in achieving this hurts understood
for by understanding what's felt in pain
the desire for good comes once again.

If we did not the feelings feel
would we by the sick or hurt now kneel
and wish to give our best relief
to the one who is bowed in grief.

Would we know the compassion felt
if we understood not the blow that's dealt
when injustice brings another low
by rendering to them the unjust blow.

Would we seek to speak the word
that by others is sometimes heard
that gives solace when it is spoken
to one who feels a heart that's broken.

The medicine is best when ground on stone
the blade is sharpest when its felt the hone
and so the pain and hurt we feel
teaches us the lesson of how to heal.

© 2000 Shade

Soul-Matched Flight
By Shade

Two souls searching
into the night
they meet in a harmony
that feels so right.
Words exchanged
by a method of sight
But bringing them together
for a soul-matched flight.

Brought together
by a trembling wire
The souls now burn
with ecstatic fire.
Only words
some might say
but the words touch the souls
in a special way.

With gentle caresses
the souls now sigh
in empathetic union
together they cry.
never rejected,
and always dear
They feel the connection
each time they are near.

The connection grows stronger
each time they speak
strengthening the bond
that each does seek
and the souls now know
that as time goes by
they'll merge into one,
and their soul will fly.

© Shade 1999
_ by Shade _

by Shade

Folks I've got a tale I'd tell
about two people who love so well
they've now been wed for fifty years
shared their laughter and shared their tears
stood by each other through good and ill
and found that love is shared there still.
There is the story that some do know
about a time long ago
when Jean had a Pot on to boil
filled with bubbling slippery oil.
She lifted the pot from where it was sitting
and the oil of course, to make this fitting,
spilled out of the pot and down her dress
to the the floor where it made a mess.
The oil was hot and jean sure knew
that oil would burn her when it soaked through.
So, she raised her arms up in the air
and her dress fell to the floor while she stood there.
Saved from scalding, She breathed a relief filled sigh,
Only to see Tommy drawing nigh.
At a dead run, charging he came
to assist the one who bore his name.
Or maybe, -- and we just had the thought,
in excitement 'cause she stood there in next to naught.
It matters not cause when he hit that grease
His forward movement he could not cease.
Right by Jean his body sailed,
with his feet in the air as his arms he flailed.
Jean we're sure had never seen such a sight
As Tommy Airborne and on the oil in flight.
She couldn't help laughing without malicious intent
as Tommy sailed by to where he went.
He raised himself up with a sheepish grin,
and looked back to the door where he came in.
a little upset by where he went
but surely to Jean he was Heaven sent.
Now after the Years the laughter remains
from the night the oil created the stains
on pants and dresses as Tommy slid through
the room where Jean had boiled her brew.
And though many Years have now swept past
they know their love will continue to last
for both are willing for fifty more
as long as Jean keeps the oil off the floor.

© Shade 1994
_ end _

Forever Now by Shade

Once I too believed in forever.
Thought my love would leave me never,
but that time is forever past
for, my love, it did not last.

Once I thought it would never die
now I'm older and now I sigh
for all the time I let slip by
while for forever i continued to try.

Now I'm wise as wise can be
for now with time I've come to see
that forever my love's blessed me
with the time we spent as we.

The time we spent will forever last
as a happy memory of the past
and this has shown me some way some how
that always forever is really now.

© Shade 1999
end by Shade

Shade of Clear
by Shade

It was just a shade of clear
on the faces he held so dear.
but it seared his soul as the tears came down
to the feet of this crying clown.

He had trained for life to make them smile
with the art that showed his style
and he'd never sought nor wished to harm
a single child with his charm.

Then someone came and asked of him
a special show done just for them.
Make children laugh that had no reason.
Children who faced a dying season.

Cancer kills and this they had
and it made the clown so very sad.
He gave his heart. He gave his soul.
A smile from them his only goal.

He practiced hard and struggled long,
to be sure they'd smile when he went on.
All were smiling as his act began
but soon the tears from their faces ran.

First one tear then many more.
Tears he'd never seen before.
On the faces of children he held most dear,
he felt he'd caused this shade of clear.

His act now faltered and he missed a step,
He was sure he was inept
A Doctor came over and the clown was told
"This is a wondrous thing that we behold."

"These children laugh and scoff in pain
in sorrow smiles they still retain.
Their tears they store inside their heart
a burden which they won't share in part."

These kids are special in a special way
they hide their tears from the light of day.
So Parents and doctors cant let them know
we share the burden they hide from show.

"With your act you've drawn from them
the dreadful burden they hold within.
they have forgotten now they put on a show
and you ease their burden with each tear flow."

So the clown picked up where he'd left off
sharing the tears that each child did doff
and his heart rejoiced as they shared each tear
and he shared with them their shade of clear.

© 1998 Shade

The River
by Shade

Moving on with unending flow
the deepest water down below
A place I love where I reside
with this river so big and wide.

Peace and solace around each bend
on the leeward side of the water trend
where I can rest and have strength replenished
then return to tasks unfinished.

The flow of life in this rivers drift.
The love of life is this rivers gift.
Peace and comfort always by my side
with this river so big and wide.

Tranquil thought and tranquil flow
walk with me and the rivers flow
standing the hardships that are lifes blow
not submitting to the undertow.

Taking life from waters deep
sustenance from it I do reap.
In its strength I find my pride
with this river so big and wide

When the end does call and I must go
when I've reached the last waters flow
still beside this river that I know
I'll find the peace she will still bestow

For when I die they'll bury me
in the bend beneath the willow tree
then to the end of time I will abide
beside this river so big and wide.

© 1999 Shade

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