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We began dancing from the music in our heart
Promising nothing would ever pull us apart.

Soul to soul we touched each time.
We circled around, and I made you mine.

Dance with me forever, my angel I pray.
To keep our souls intertwined, so forever you'll stay.

I looked deeply into your blue eyes.
Passion igniting and feelings starting to rise.

I ran and jumped high into your loving arms.
Twirling me gently, being wrapped up in your charms.

      The music suddenly stopped and I looked for you near.     
Disoriented and dizzy, things weren't so clear.

Then I looked into the mirror and saw only me.
Could this be a dream, that only I could see?

Come back my angel and fill my dreams.
That only you can fulfill, or so it seems.

Touch my heart, dance soul to soul.
Reuniting our love, is my only goal.

I love you, my angel, don't make me cry.
Please don't let our love in us die.

© September 9, 2000 by: Kathy Admire

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