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He enters a War of a soldiers dark eye,
changing boy to a man and not knowing why.
He does not question, he is ready to fight,
to stand tall as a soldier and do what is right.
At seventeen

He is all to himself, another can't see,
He asks of himself, what will happen to me ?
There are no letters, no kind words to give,
just a fight to survive and the will to live.
At seventeen

War takes it's toll as the months pass by,
serving his time whether truth or a lie.
Taking a life saving a life, true measure he does feel,
Can he ever go back to what he was before,
when death was not so real ?
At seventeen

He is then called home to the place where he came,
how can he do this, he is not the same ?
He is lost in the jungle, he is lost in the rain,
he is lost to the silence and lost to his name.
At seventeen

As he closes his eyes, it comes back to light,
the guilt, the pain and all of the fright.
His eyes cast down, he never looks at another,
till he meets with the same, the eyes of a Brother.
At seventeen

He struggles with self as he lives each day,
buried deep within as his feelings give way.
He passes a mirror and dares to look,
can I ever get back the life War took ?
At seventeen

In Honor of one......

" The very brightest of a future will always be based on a never totally forgotten past, but in that you can find a way to have joy as you pass your comfort through the Wall to your Brothers there. They will FEEL your release and they may be released as well, for, as each Brother still alive, touches the granite of a Brother now passed, something that is known only to them has passed between....."

Is a Promise that if the right time is chosen, you will feel peace in your heart and soul. Do not let that neither encourage nor discourage you to going before your time. The WALK will be when the WALK will be.

© August 12, 2000 at Fresno, California by Christina L. Johnson

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