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Moments Of Love, Of Passion, Of Freedom

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I first see you

That sparkle
The little girl

Still There
Still alive

Yes, It's there
In your eyes

We meet,
We embrace,
Your Delights I do taste!

Freedom is yours
Freedom to just be You
Freedom to express yourself
With such joy
There can be
No fear
No shame

We merge to become as one
You move me with pleasure
My longing you sedate
We touch souls
Our spirits shine bright

You give me all I can take
Then it's Your Wants
Your desires to next be met

I lay my head between your thighs,
I gaze up into your eyes,
And bathe in the bliss
As I give you that special kiss
Hours of delight
As long as you wish
Even all thru the night
Till you desire no more

With this act I give comfort
With this act we celebrate life
With this act I show love
We then lay in embrace.

For you are special
My intimate Friend

Yes, we love and are loved
What more can there be
No, nothing can exceed
Such passion as this.

We are bless by God
To be alive
To be Human,
No matter if man or woman.

It's Only When We Celebrate Life
As Man And Woman
My Loves,
That We Find True Freedom
And Forever Eternal.

And Thus we are joined
As Soul Mates

© & October 13, 2000, by Robert Michael Beamer

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