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World Wide Internet Access Update

During the past few years, a number of dedicated individuals and organizations have made diligent attempts to compile World Wide Internet Access Directories.  Unfortunately, the 'Net and its Service Providers are changing so rapidly that such directories become out-of-date quite rapidly.
Its very difficult -- if not impossible -- to keep them current.

Fortunately, the excellent Search Engines of the World Wide Web make overcoming this difficulty an easy task.   Search Engines enable users to obtain "real time" information about available Internet Service Providers, access gateways, currently operative websites, and contact information.

Consequently, with regard to any nation in the world, if you're attempting to learn about topics such as "civic action," "community development," "community service," or "non-governmental organizations (NGOs)," etc., all that's necessary to obtain the desired results is: (a) go to your favorite Search Engine(s), (b) enter the name of the country, (c) add the desired modifying search terms, (d) launch the search, and (e) screen the results obtained for the information you need.

Although individual preferences and experiences vary widely with regard to Search Engines, its particularly helpful when you find one that makes it easy to do follow-on "sub-searches" (or, "search within these results"), such as Google.  Also very useful are "Composite" Search Engines, such as Dogpile, or MetaCrawler, that give you the top 10 or so "hits" from several individual Search Engines.

An Example

Assume you'd like to learn about civic action in the nation of Burkina Faso.  Simply go to Google, and either:

    a.  search first for "burkina faso" (use the quotation marks), and then do a sub-search for:

  "civic action" -- or

    b.  even easier, just enter both terms together in the initial search box, as follows:

  "burkina faso" "civic action"

If this fails to produce useful results, try a similar search for "community development," and/or "community service."

Other terms which may be used in conjunction with those identified above could include: "organizations," " programs," "message boards," "correspondence lists," "distance learning," "on-line discussions," "funding sources," "best practices," and/or "Information and resources."

Finally, several of the additional topics listed in the table below (e.g., "housing," "economic development," "rural transportation," "child care," etc.) could prove to be helpful search term modifiers.  The keys to success are experimentation, and persistence !!

When you succeed in obtaining results that are interesting and/or useful, you're cordially invited to share your findings and celebrate your success on any of the Message Boards provided below that are relevant to the topic(s) of your search.

Happy hunting and best wishes !!


"Civic Action for Your Turf" (CA4YT) E-Mail Groups
(alphabetical order)

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All Topics & Issues AmeriCorps, VISTA, & Other Volunteers Appropriate, Innovative, & Sustainable Technologies Best Practices Exchange Board of Directors Civic Action Program Reinvention & Renewal
Career Center
Child Care
Citizen Participation
Civil Preparedness & Emergency Response
Clerical & Secretarial
Consumer Action
Consumer Cooperatives
Continuum of Care
Credit Unions
Cultural Transformations
Cyber-Business Development
Data Collection & Information Management
Disabled/Special Clients
Drug Abuse Prevention & Rehabilitation
Economic Development
Empowerment Zones & Enterprise Communities
Environmental Quality
Executive Directors
Ex-Offender Rehabilitation
Faith-Based Community Service
Family Crisis Response
Financial Management
Food & Nutrition
Grant Planning
Health Promotion
Hobby & Recreational Activities
Homeless Persons' Services & Assistance
Housing Development
Immigrant/Refugee Services & Assistance
Individual Development Accounts
Innovative / Experimental Program Test & Evaluation
International Training & Service
Job Development & Vocational Training
Legal Services
Legislation & Policy
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
The Loyal Opposition
Micro-Business & Small Business Incubators
Migrant & Seasonal Farmworkers
Military Civic Action, Provincial Reconstruction, & Peacekeeping
Mobile Civic Action Training Teams
Multi-Culture & Ethnic Affairs
Neighborhood Computer Networking
Neighborhood Safety & Security
Non-Profit Organization Incorporation & Establishment
Offices/Facilities Development & Management
and Outreach
Parental Engagement & Responsible Fatherhood
Patterns of Organizational Leadership & Management
Personnel & Human Resources
Producer Cooperatives
Public Information
& Media Relations
Public Interest Research Groups
Community Water & Utilities
Rural Transportation
Self-Reliant Sustainable Lifestyle Practices
Social Services & TANF
State Civic Action Associations
State Community Services Offices
Surplus Equipment Exchange
Technical Assistance Exchange
Unions & Collective Bargaining
U.S.A. Freedom Corps
War Against Poverty Veterans & Retirees
Weatherization & Home Repair
Weed & Seed Programs
Youth and Teens
Youth Fife/Drum/Bugle Corps
Youth Sports & Scouting


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Academicians, Researchers, Policy and Legislative
Specialists for Civic Action and Community Service


Computer Geeks and Webmasters for
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The Civic Action Free University (TCAFU)
Cyber-Volunteer Corps

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