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My Thought's Page

This page is just thoughts of mine, these are not

poems. If you wish to respond to any of these, please feel
free to email me by pressing the link below.


Thoughts of Selfish Rage

12/99~ The thoughts battle their way into my head,

I fight and fi ght to find their true
meaning and what they want from me.
I think of times with pleasure and pain,
I take my thoughts and remember their names.
My weakness and strength too hard to find,
but trying to struggle the way to my mind...
I get to the top.
In The Arms of Heaven

12/28/99~ Tonight Heaven held me in his arms.

You wiped my tears, but didn't realize they
were yours. I live tonight with the softest
of dreams and wishes...for YOU.
Defeating The Odds

1/00~ It all just took a step for the worse,

I heard the thoughts and tried to converse. I awake
with the thought of one true thing, hoping
they'll see the one true me. Stepping off
the edge somehow, into the fall.
I hear one thing...YOU.
Trying So Hard To Defeat Sadness

1/29/00~ She spoke the words of death tonight.

I felt alone and helpless to her. Refused to
speak to him, no matter what the words I spoke
to the two; they were stubbern. Will she die
tonight? Or will her love sneak up
and rescue her in his arms? ONLY TIME KNOWS...
Combining YOUR Words In MY Head

2/7/00~ My path of death leans in to speak to me,

but all I hear is YOU. You call me a Slut,
do what you have to. I hate your words,
I hate your lies, YOU put me through it all,
you make me wanna die. Misery is living
with you, I can't take anymore. I'll walk with MY
head held high, and take away your mean words
of hatred you have bestowed upon ME.
Cloud 9

2/19/00~ I heard and Angel speak today, yet

his voice was so far away. I
know I don't have your wings,
delicate wing, in my reach. But once
again I'm sure they'll be mine.
An Invitation To A Dance

3/5/00~ I have a date to the dance, but is it true?

I ask to go with you. Your bitter lies and mistaken
heart, make me weak and I fall apart. But still
my heart is true. You have me...and I'LL have YOU.
Heaven On A Screen

3/11/00~ Just when I thought I was lost I met

someone new. He shows a beauty for love I never
thought I'd find in someone. Dropped me a line,
with slowing moving hands of time,
could this be a soulmate of mine?
Speaking Forever...

3/24/00~ We laughed and spoke and even felt

passion, the night ended with words like this...
"Good-night baby, I'll call you tomorrow sweetdreams to
you, don't be full of sorrow". You make me
smile, you make me weak, you make me to where
I just can't speak. I hope your true in what you
say, you have my trust and
your heart I won't break.
Last Chance Romance

4/00-5/00~ Here comes my sadness, I know. I took a

leap and here WE are today. We kiss and
touch and hug so innocentlly, yet we
are unawear and don't really care what
hides in the future. Your my heart,
my soul...I let it go, as it goes.
Sweat and Passion

5/30/00~ Bodies rubing together for the first time

in almost a year, sounds like sex is all
it's worth. Yet I took my time and realized
the reason's why I can say 'I Love You'.
You take your time with the world and talent
is just the word to describe everything you have
to offer. My Love.

I still don't see why and how you

lie to me. All I ever did tell you the truth.
I hate your lies and I'm sick of staying
around, but all I can do is love you.
Why do you do this to me.

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