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Kurt Cobain

Welcome to My Kurt Coabain Page. This page is In Loving Memory of Kurt. He was a wondeful man and he is still in many hearts.

Kurt was born in 1967, two hundred miles away from Seattle in the small up state logging town of Aberdine. He lived with his parents and sister and his aunt introduced him to music at a very young age.

At seven his life took a drastic change. His parents divorced and he was forced to look at the world in a different light. As home became more unbareable for Kurt, he was tossed between houses, staying with different relatives and friends. He spent many nights sleeping under the bridge at the end of his street (the bridge imortalized by his song Something In The Way) here he would spend the time alone writting his first lyrics.

Kurt had by this time become very alienated from people and life, he was very emotionally inwood. He didn't have any real friends at school to talk to and all the other guys he knew didn't want anything to do with him cause they thought he was wierd or gay. He would use most of his time in high school to cut class and go to the libary and read. He would listen to many types of music like, The Beatles. But, living in a small town he could never get the chance to listen to the music that really interested him.

Eventually he got a tape of some Punk Rock his friend got for him from Seattle. He then knew that this type of music was going to be his escape, from the life he hated to point of despare.

By this time Kurt had turned 15 he had already learned to play guitar so the process in forming a band began, with the help of his Aunt, was a natural progression.... Nirvana was born. Kurt did not really like the music of the bigger rock bands like the Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. He felt there lyrics were sexist and pointless with no meaning. Kurt was a very sensitive and emotional person and this shows though in this songs.

Kurt moved to Seattle to live with his only true love, before he was famous, Tracy Merander...imortalized in his song "about a girl". He stayed with her for three years, happerly, and at the time was working on songs for the Bleach album. He was also a great and talented artist and would enjoy spending time painting or sculpting. Giving much of the work he produced to Tracy.

Although his life was now fairly stable he had many troubles with himself and his life. He did not feel emotionally secure and this was often portrayed in his art work especially his sketches, drawings and paintings.

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