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The Beautiful People

This page is dedicated to all my close
friends. A friend to me is someone you
can go to, to talk about things in your
life. A friend is the type of person you
don't have to get along with 24/7.

Our '1999' prom pic

~Noelle~ After all the years of searching for

someone I could actually relate to I finally found you.
Thank you for all the great advise you have
given me and all the laughs we have been
through. Thanks luv.
A pic of Noelle at our cast party after South Pacific

~Jeff~ Gosh the words I can say about you.=0)

You have been a great friend all these years. You
have always showed me the right road to take
when I was confused, picked me up and made
me smile when I needed it. Thank you so much
for that. If I had to choose someone who
has been my hero it would have to be you.
You've become like a brother to me and no matter
what I wouldn't take you away for the world.
Thank you for everything, I love ya man!!!
A pic of Jeff and his girlfriend Becky

~Amber~ Well, I think out of everyone; I've

known you the longest...7 years to be exact.=0)
You and I have a bond I don't think anyone can brake.
We have only had one fall out, but
I hope that only makes us stronger friends.
Just remember I got your back yo. Ba-na-na-na-na???

~Thomas~ Ok, there's so much to say about you.

You are my love and my angel. You have changed me
into such a great person. You make me see
the beauty in the smallest things. For
this reason I know God sent you from above.
I love you and nothing can ever change that.
Thank you for all the changes and greatness
you have added to my life. I'll never forget you, I love you.

~Steve~ My lil' Steve, well you like to fight

with me and we don't agree on much, but I still
love ya. Thank you for always listening to my
rambling about my life problems. I love ya.

~John~(Tiny Tim or Baby John)Ok so I pick on

you, we'll because your like my lil' brother....
I'm allowed to. Thanks for being a friend,
your groovy man!
Nathan, Noelle and John at Denny's

~Nicole~(Nikki Bung or Goddess of Spank)I know

you love that last nickname, anyhoo,
you have been a great friend,
and you know I love to bug you,
well thanks for for everything.

~JJ~(Sugar Bear)Yes your my real big bro, you

can be a butt, but I still love ya, and I'm here for ya.

~Theresa~You've been a great friend

to me, and I cherish that alot. Thank you.
A pic of Theresa

~James~(Monkey Boy)I know I spaze alot, it's

true and I don't blame you for
saying that,LOL. Well, thanks for
being a friend over the years.

~Jesse~You have your ways, and sometimes I

can't stand them. But I just can't stay
mad at you, I'm here when you need me.
A pic of Amanda, Jesse and Jeff at the last show for South Pacific

~Jeremey~(Spider Monkey) Well over the years

you and I haven't really been close,
but along with Jeff I consider you my
other bro. If you ever need me I'm here man!

~Adam H.~Well I don't know you that well,

but so far from what I
know you are a great and funny person.
Don't let other people talking the bull get
you down. If you ever need anyone to talk to
about your problems, I'm here for ya.

~Nathan~(Nate Doggy Dog)My lil' bro....

I love you, but I choose not to show
it now. Thanks for being the grooviest
one and making me laugh when I needed it.
Noelle and Nathan at prom

~Bobby~ We've been through so much heartbreak

together, I'm suprised we are still
friends, you'll always have that place in my
heart, and I do love you.

~Amanda~(Manda)I know we have our times

but I'm always here for you.
We've been through so much together and we
do fight, but we still have a friendship and
that's all that matters. I love ya chick.
A pic of Amanda

~Summer~ (Bob the Blob) I know we had our

diffrences but, I am a broken
wing, but I will help you fly through the
hardest times. Whenever you need me
chick, I'm here for you.
A pic of Summer and Joe at Denny's

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