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Kick Ass Bands!!!

Okay so I like different types of music!
On this page you will find my opinions on bands I like.
If you don't like them, I don't care, go
start your own page.


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*Rob Zombie~ He has great kick ass style, even though

I liked it when it was White Zombie.
But hey, who doesn't change every once
in a while. He should keep up with what
he's doing, I love his music.

*System Of A Down~ Ok, now people are starting to recognize this

great band. They have a great sound
in their music, unique. That what makes them so kick ass!!

*KoRn~ Who hasn't heard of KoRn? There are no words to

say, other then they have placed their
mark in the music industry.
And with their new album "Issues"
they are sure to stay around.

*Orgy~ Discovered by KoRn, they came, they saw and

they are going to stay. Our little band of hot guys,
made their way onto the radio with a remake of
"How does it feel", now moving onto the present they,
along with KoRn, are kick ass all around the world.

*Kid Rock~ A new sound of music for us all to hear.

Alot of people concider him a faggot, because he is
white and rapping. Kid Rock as-well as Limp
Bizcuit, have placed their names in the heads of
many people this year, and have changed music in a big way.

*The Urge~ Another band many don't know. With a

combination of ska, punk and rock, The Urge has a way
of expressing their music and what they like.
I wouldn't be suprised if you have heard their music,
they are making their way to the chart, but it may
take them some time.

*The Supertones(The OC Supertones)~ A Christian band

with a beautiful way of speaking to people and
spreading to word of God. I don't plan to
prech to you, cause I'm not like that. I'm just
saying that their music can really make you
think of things in a better way, or let you
see how fuck over the world is now in days.

*Smashing Pumpkins~ Need I say more? They've had their

fall outs and hard times, yet they managed
to keep giving us great music. And with
sexy Billy Corgan wailing out those astonishing
vocals, he makes this band a terrific music choice.

*Lit~ They choose their words wisely when writing

"Perfect One". Hopefully they'll will keep doing
what their doing and do it well. And with
A.Jay Popoff's great voice and style, this band will "go places".

*Garbage~ Shirley Manson has made it to the top

of the world. She was teased in school and told
she wasn't gonna become much. Well, look
at her now, surrounded by people of both sexes.
With Garbage's sound and style they have kicked
ass in the music industry.

*Offspring~ With a name like Offspring you don't

expect much(sorry to say). But this band has
fooled me, throughout the years I have listened to
their music and watched their videos. This
band has an original sound within theirselves.
They went from hard rock to something a
little more trendy, but it's a great thing. Their
CD Americana gave everyone a little taste of
what they have to offer. It's great to see them back.

*Powerman 5000~ A new band to our naughborhood,

Powerman 5000 kicked ass with "When World Collide",
a song you can dance to and just kick it
and listen to. Hopefully they won't fade
away in the fifteen minutes of fame.
This band is great. And I love their choice of music.

*GreenDay~ This is one of my most favorite bands.

Billie Joe, Tre and Mike sure know how to
rock the hell out of a person. Their music
is magnificent and their style has
set new boundaries for us all.

*Snot~These five sexy guys you may have

heard of yet. Maybe because this band no
longer has the great lead singer they
used to have, due to the fact he's no longer
alive. Yet their music still goes on.
They have great style and great music.


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