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Theta Sigma Fraternity Homepage

Welcome to the Unofficial Theta Sigma website.
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Thanks to Mike for submitting this sound file!

Theta Sigma Fraternity was a local fraternity based in Montreal. The first fraternity founded at Loyola College, Theta Sigma Fraternity remained a strong part of the community throughout the nineteen-sixties and early nineteen-seventies. When Loyola merged with Sir George Williams in 1974 to form Concordia University, Theta Sigma continued to maintain a strong presence on campus.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, Theta Sigma saw its members become more and more scattered. Jobs were becoming increasingly unavailable within the Montreal Urban community, and readily available elsewhere. Consequently, many of us have followed the employment trail to such places as Toronto, Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Taiwan.

This website began as a whimsical project, and thanks to Google, an easy way for us to find each other again! Although this site is no longer being maintained or updated, it is still a good starting point! Originally, the purpose of this site was to allow us to stay in touch despite our great geographical distances, but this site pre-dates Facebook... and now it is essentially redundant. If you'd like to reconnect, check out our groups on Facebook and Yahoo (both groups are open to all our friends, and are not exclusively for brothers).

I have just completed what I believe will be the final update on this site. As of now, it is just sort of sitting here gathering virtual dust; but there are loads of us around on Facebook and Yahoo... We'd love you to get in touch! (see the links below)

Please note: both groups are open to anyone who was associated with Theta Sigma, including friends, girlfriends, members of Zeta Tau Omega and Alpha Chi Sororities (heck, even friends from the TKE or Omicron would most likely be welcome). Membership is nevertheless dependant on approval by a moderator. When joining, please let the moderators know who you are, where you're from, and why you want to join. If you were a Theta Sig: tell us! Please also tell us when you pledged, if you can. This information is strictly private, but it makes the moderators' job easier if they know who you are when you ask to join!

Join the Theta Sigma Fraternity Breakfast Club International on Facebook!!!

Join the Theta Sigma Breakfast Club Yahoo Group!!

And finally... before I forget... Here are seven MP3s you might enjoy. Back in the early 90s, a few of us got together at my house with an old Fostex 4-track studio and some instruments. We recorded a few songs you might enjoy.
These songs were performed by myself on all instruments and doing all the voices, except where noted. Click to load and stream, or right click and select "Save As" to download!

*** Songs About Us ***

First Rap (Featuring the entire pledge class of Tom, Geoff, Paul, Blair, Mike, Grant, Craig and Jake)

The Pledge Man Blues

Tits (I Like 'em!) (Yikes! Did I really record this?!?)

*** Songs About Girls We Knew ***

Zeta Baby (The song about the Awesome Zeta Tau Omega girls who called themselves the "Beer Drinkin' Bitches")

Drinkin' Wine (The song about the girls of Alpha Chi)

*** Songs About Stuff ***

Russian Submarine (Beatles parody featuring Mike and Tom)

The Province She's Separating (Bob Dylan parody featuring Mike and Tom)

ENJOY! Thanks for visiting!

This page last updated on January 27, 2011