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Women Who Run With The Stooges!

09/04/2018 -- WE'VE MOVED! Check out our snazzy new home!

09/03/2018 -- WHY DOES THIS PAGE LOOK DIFFERENT? Well, folks, after almost a quarter of a century, the Stooges Woman, now old and wrinkled and not looking too much like her photo below, has just been having the dickens of a time keeping this antiquated Angelfire page up to date -- not to mention keeping HERSELF up to date, nyuk nyuk!

I'm leaving it up "as is" for the time being, and will still come in & check things out from time to time. But for all "intensive purposes," (nyuk nyuk!) this site is pretty much DOA, or at least in a coma, till some enterprising young Stooges Woman comes along, ready to roll up her sleeves & clean things up!

Till then, enjoy what's left of this "blast from the past," and scroll down to see where I'm hangin' out these days!

It's just one of those things everybody's read somewhere - so it must be true:

"Women just don't like the Three Stooges - it's unnatural!"

Well, as the legendary Sojourner Truth stated (on a slightly different subject), "Ain't I a woman??" Hold on, let me check:

Yup, looks like it!

And like my sisters everywhere, I just can't resist:

the smoldering, dark sensuality of Moe;

the impetuous, devil-may-care, frizzy-haired wonder, Larry;

and don't even get me started on (sigh)

the deceptively childlike Curley!

So no more hiding, ladies! Let's break out of our self-imposed anti-Stooge prison!

Join hands and sing it out loud: "I'm a knucklehead ... and I'm PROUD!"

(Well, soitanly -- nyuck, nyuck!)

Hey, fellow knuckleheads - before you run off,

check out the Stooges Woman's NEW BLOG,!

(And APOLOGIES -- apparently Angelfire now opens a popup ad every time you click one of my links on this page -- yet another reason I don't hang around much here anymore! If anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know!

I'm still at good ol'

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