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Stella Starstruck's Main Movie Page

Stella Starstruck's Movie Review Main Page!

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Flick Picks 2007

Flick Picks 2006....short reviews for when you don't have time to read a whole one...or I don't have time to write one!

Past Picks 2005 will show you some films that I've seen but are no longer in the theaters. These are a bit older now, but still may be of interest. Good video/dvd section!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love movies. Here are some of the movies that I have seen. I will also include some of those terrible movies that I don't recommend!

If I am ever marooned on a desert island...these are the videos I'll take!

There are some actors that I think would be interesting even if they just read from the telephone book! Do you agree with my choices? Find out here.

Want to rent a light romantic movie? Try one of these.

Full Length Reviews


*****Changing Lanes
*****Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
****1/2 XXX


*** Episode 2- Attack of the Clones

**1/2 Spiderman

***1/2 Legally Blonde

****1/2 A Beautiful Mind

****Lord of the Rings

***From Hell


***** Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Bridget Jones's Diary

Jurassic Park 3

Miss Congeniality


The Cell

Get Carter


Charlie's Angels



Autumn in New York

The Blair Witch Project

High Fidelity


Mission Impossible 2

The Talented Mr Ripley


The Haunting

The Sixth Sense

End of Days

The Matrix

My short review of Star Wars- The Phantom Menace.

Bad films.

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