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100 Things About Me

The challenge was to find 100 things about myself that I don't mind sharing with other people and that people actually might be interested in. I think I did okay. I'm not sure though!

  1. I hate bananas.
  2. I love Barry Manilow's music. Sort of a guilty secret.
  3. I have more than 10 Dean Martin cds.
  4. I have more than 300 cds.
  5. I'm a very proud Canadian.
  6. I play a mean game of Crazy Eights.
  7. I hate grammar. Teaching it is horrid.
  8. I have 3 cowlicks. The one at the front drives my hairdresser crazy.
  9. I won an air band contest at university. I was Tina Tuna and I performed "Better Be Good to Me."
  10. At university I was a disc jockey, my on-air name was DizzyDee.
  11. I've read all of Jane Austen's completed novels.
  12. I intensely dislike Jack Nicholson and Robin Williams.
  13. I'm a Mac person.
  14. I can beat my brother in law at Trivial Pursuit.
  15. My sister won't play Trivial Pursuit with me!
  16. My niece loves doing the Hokey Pokey with me.
  17. I used to work at a bank.
  18. I've lived in 4 continents.
  19. I won't eat sunny side up eggs.
  20. I snore.
  21. Once I went to 5 movies in one day.
  22. I love L'Air Du Temps perfume.
  23. I'm allergic to perfume.
  24. My dog's name was Gypsey.
  25. When I got married I wore something old (my mother's pearl necklace), something new (my lingerie), something borrowed (a pin from my sister) and something blue (a garter I made myself).
  26. I can't speak Japanese.
  27. I'm married to a Japanese man.
  28. I love karaoke.
  29. My birthstone is amethyst.
  30. I'm an Aquarian.
  31. I love Earl Grey tea.
  32. I'm a bookworm.
  33. I like my steak medium rare.
  34. I make a mean cheese omelet.
  35. I'm a movie fanatic.
  36. My favourite hockey team is the Edmonton Oilers.
  37. In high school I performed in Arsenic and Old Lace. I was Aunt Abby.
  38. I love doing crafts, but I don't have much time.
  39. I do rubber stamping, especially at Christmas and New Year.
  40. I have loved Russell Crowe ever since I saw The Quick and the Dead.
  41. I'd like to write a novel, but I probably won't.
  42. I was 10 before I really learned to ride a bike.
  43. I once sewed my finger with my sewing machine.
  44. I've only been a bridesmaid once.
  45. I love blue cheese dressing.
  46. I take vitamins.
  47. I still listen to The Partridge Family.
  48. I still secretly love all of my teenage idols.
  49. My engagement ring has an amethyst instead of a diamond as the main stone.
  50. My favourite teddy bear's name is Ralph.
  51. My favourite Playstation 2 game is The Bouncer.
  52. I rarely wear make-up. Just lipstick for work, and only because I have to.
  53. I used to work in a hotel.
  54. I consider myself half-Scottish.
  55. I love detective novels.
  56. My hair is prematurely silver.
  57. My middle name is Diana. I like it.
  58. I'm named after my maternal grandmother.
  59. I used to volunteer with a literacy group.
  60. Dick Francis is my favourite author.
  61. I'd love to sing like Annie Lennox or Eartha Kitt.
  62. Novels by Patricia Cornwell, Elizabeth George and Marian Keyes take up a lot of room on my bookshelf.
  63. I'm as proud of my friends as they are of me.
  64. I like the Barenaked Ladies because they make me laugh.
  65. I used to have a membership to the Princess Theatre.
  66. I couldn't finish reading Misery. I cheated and read the end before I returned the novel.
  67. I made my husband watch The Shawshank Redemption. He loves the movie more than I do now.
  68. I eat very low carb.
  69. Pansies are my favourite flower.
  70. I don't like my laugh.
  71. I thought about being a goldsmith once.
  72. Toothpaste makes me gag.
  73. I don't like talking on the telephone.
  74. The first boy I ever kissed was Danny in Grade 2.
  75. I had a big dry spell after that!
  76. I love Lego.
  77. I often get a sore throat.
  78. My nice complexion is hereditary. I don't do anything to deserve it.
  79. I make a great stirfry.
  80. I don't like racists.
  81. I used to have a big thing for Ian Ogilvy.
  82. "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die" is one of my favourite movie lines.
  83. Tremors cracks me up everytime.
  84. I used to kick butt at the Kevin Bacon game. (I probably still do, but it's easier these days!)
  85. My eyes are a great shade of blue.
  86. I hate making spelling mistakes.
  87. I like reading Dean Koontz novels, but don't like his endings, usually.
  88. Tick Tock and Odd Thomas are my favourite Dean Koontz novels so far. (Updated June 24, 2006)
  89. My favourite colour is blue.
  90. I don't like children, but I do like some animals.
  91. I read all of Enid Blyton's "Of Adventure" novels when I was a child.
  92. I try to reread The Secret Garden every couple of years.
  93. I drink decaffeinated coffee with cream not milk.
  94. I try to save money, but then I spend it.
  95. I'm a night owl.
  96. I hate getting up in the morning.
  97. Stupidity annoys me.
  98. I'm an Agnostic.
  99. My pierced ears have grown back over.
  100. I like to sleep with the blankets up to my neck. I can't sleep with them only up to my waist.
  101. Comments? I'm all ears!


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