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Quote from John Parker

(p. vii of The Works of Dionysius the Areopagite, Part I, by Rev. John Parker, M.A. (1897).

In British Museum there are about 30 editions, and 40 treatises, and the Book of Hierotheus (Add. Rich. 7189), translation of which is promised by Professor A. L. Frothingham. Leyden, E. J. Brill.

In Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, 13 Editions.

Avignon, 16 Editions, between 1498 and 1600.

Leyden, superb MSS. with marginal scholia, 15th century.

In Rome there are many editions. Unfortunately the Codex produced at the Greek and Latin Council, in the Lateran, A.D. 660, is not in the Vatican, the whole Library in the tower of Santa Francisca having been destroyed in 1219. There is, in the Vatican, a letter in Latin from Dionysius to St. Paul, in which he speaks of the beauty of the blessed Virgin, no doubt as seen in death. There is another pathetic letter to Timothy describing the martyrdom of St. Paul, and his own desolation. In the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, there is an autobiography in Syriac, in which it is stated that when St. Paul described the Crucifixion in his speech at Athens, Dionysius sent to fetch his notes, made in Egypt, which were publicly read and found to agree with St. Paul, both as to day and hour. It says, St. Paul's visit to Athens was fourteen years after the darkness in Egypt, which would place the conversion of Dionysius A.D. 44.