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ESM  Hop-Up Special

Heatin' Up the Hot Scoot


by Mark Anthony



Although I appreciate most aspects of the Badsey Hot Scoot, I recently got the hankering to get the unit spiced up a tad. At 230 lbs., few scooters reach speeds above 17 mph with me on board. The Badsey Hot Scoot stands amongst the few. From the factory, our 24 volt, 1000 watt motor Hot Scoot had a top speed of 18.5 mph, with a very slow ramp-up. I wanted more performance from the unit.

I called upon the one-stop-scooter-hop-up-shop, EV in Lynnwood, WA. We dropped the unit off and told our friends to have at it. Three days later we got the call, She was hot-to-go!

Upon arrival back at the EV shop, Roderick Wilde, the company president, walked up to me and looked me straight in the eye, saying, "Do not crank the throttle!" Subtle message I guess. So, I took a look around the Hot Scoot and the first thing I noticed was this "box" on the backside of the steering tubes. In fact, I couldn't help but to notice it, as this was now my new controller, a Curtis 1206 275A controller from EV The old Badsey controller had been removed, but the space within the scooter where the Badsey controller resided was too small to hold the Curtis.

To let you know some specifics of the Curtis controller, this badass controller can deliver 275 amps of eye popping power at once, and not even blink! Then I noticed the thirsty 6 gauge wire to the controller terminals from the dual Hawker Genesis 12V 13AH AGM sealed batteries, wired in series to provide 24 volts of juice. Worth their weight in gold, they measure out at 5 13/16 inches long, by 3 3/8 inches wide, and 5 7/8 inches high. They tip the scales at 11.8 lbs. each. They are available at EV These batteries have been tested to put out over 1000 amps on a surge, which is not an issue with the Curtis controller in place. To complete the supreme craftsmanship, the guys at EV added a 5A Soneil battery charger to the set-up. The scooter now is capable of charging in only 3 hours, instead of the normal 6 hours with the factory supplied charger. I couldn't wait to get on it!

On that first ride, I found myself a nice straight run of road, put on my helmet, and turned on my GPS meter to keep track of the speed. I hopped on the deck and slowly twisted the Magura electronic twist-grip throttle assembly. As the power came on, the motion didn't!! UGGGHHH, we got major belt slip at the motor drive system! I was soooo disappointed. I thought, "oh great! Too much torque for a belt system to handle. Damn!" I immediately placed a call to Badsey and their customer service folks were able to get one on the road via next day delivery. I couldn't get that belt on fast enough after it arrived. But once I did have it on, it was back to the asphalt. Okay... let's try this again. i mounted the deck, slowly opened her up, and no shh__... in just a couple of seconds, this Badsey Hot Scoot, still equipped with the stock 24 volt, 1000 watt motor reached 28.4 mph! Yeah, baby, now we're flying!

I'm very pleased with the speed, power, and reliability of the modified Hot Scoot. The unit is currently ridden daily, getting 6 miles to the charge, (blipping the throttle). To date, we have not experienced any motor overheating problems at all, or unusual failures. Believe me, when cranked open, the "Hot Salsa" will stand straight up at any speed!


Gotta Scoot!



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