Harvey Wireman

Harvey Wireman, a 78 year old cynical, profane and crude attorney moved to LA from Miami at the same time as Phil Hendrie. He presently lives in San Marino, CA. Harvey has been a mentor to Phil over the years. Phil calls Wireman to provide insights on a variety of topical issues including insights on the 20th century. He suffers from chronic gastrointestinal discomfort which was very obvious when Harvey cohosted KFI's live coverage of the 1999 Rose Parade in Pasadena with Margaret Gray and Bud Dickman.

Wireman's wife died in April 1994 while on a cruise thru the Panama Canal. Since they were three days from port, they had to put her in the cold storage area with the cruise foods. Unfortunately, she was placed next to a giant salmon. Every day when Harvey visited his dead wife, he saw that big salmon staring at him. Thus, he hates salmon to this day. He also lost his son (one of four kids, three boys and a girl) several years ago. His son was killed while campaigning for public office in Indiana. He fell off a ferris wheel at the Indiana State Fair while waving to voters. As Harvey said," It was so sad to see him bounce from basket to basket as he fell to earth."

Harvey is also a WWII (the Phillipines and Sai Pan) and Korean war veteran. He is very sensitive to people touching him as he is trained "to take it to the next level!" He is famous for his phrase "Oh, Sweet Jesus!"

Phil had Harvey on the show to get insights on the Serbian situation. Harvey said that Serbs were squatty, didn't shower and did not pay their bills (since they send all their money back to Serbia). His vast knowledge of Serbs comes from his experiences with five Serb clients he has. Harvey said that the fact that Croats, Albanians and Bosnians don't like Serb just further proves his point. One caller, irate as most are, paid Harvey the greatest of insults, that he gave lawyers a bad name!

Harvey also his Mr. Hendrie's personal attorney and advises him on syndication. After Phil had been syndicated about a month and a half, Harvey was a guest on the show to tell Phil that his show sucked in syndication. In his own profane way, Harvey told Phil that the show was too goddamn profane for the Bible Belt and Salt Lake City and Portland. In typical harvey fashion, Harvery was more profane than any other Phil guest. But Harvey said that was OK since he is Phil's attorney and not a guest.

Harvey also is known for cohosting the first pay-per-view webcast of the 2001 Rose parade in Pasadena. unfortunately he did not finish the webcast as he was arrested by Dave oliva for anal rape of Margaret Gray.

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