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Spyder One
This Spyder comes with a new 45 grip with rubber panels, "sleeker striker" (meaning the gun isnt so wide), new reciever design new venturi bolt .and new and improved composite trigger frame.
$ 200
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Spyder SE
This pre-modified Spyder comes with a venturi bolt, double trigger, 45 frame expansion chamber and thumb velocity adjuster. Want Splash anodising? why not, they have also done that for you too.
$ 250
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Compact 2000
this compact (carrying on the compact line into the new millenium) is awesome, it has a nice feeling 45trigger frame, vertical adaptor, double trigger, low pressure chamber, raised sight rail and more!
$ 120
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F-4 Illustrator
The F-4 Is a Combination Of Value, And Quaity, it has many neat features like No outside moving parts, and a stock trigger shoe, its got durability at a small cost of being slightly heavier, and louder
$ 215
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Model 98
the model 98 is a high quality gun prolonging the tippman ledgend of quality, it has a neat design with many cool features like foregrip and tons of aftermarket upgrades avalible(and its light, with an ANWESOM trigger pull)...
$ 210
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