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Pump Markers

NOTICE: due to the low demand of information on pump markers, i will not be updating the pump marker section for about 6months, if at all, for geat info on pump markers, Click here

Our sport started with pumpguns and some players are getting back to those roots. The Maverick has a built in sight rail, autotrigger and has a smooth pump action normally found on more expensive pumps. So whether you are getting back to your paintball roots or just want a solid pump this is the pump for you.
Gun Only: $80

This is it! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they add under arm cocking. This gives us a pump that is as smooth as silk with adjustable velocity.
Gun Only: $100

To call the Tippmann SL-II a pump gun just doesn't seem to do it justice. This marker lives up to the Tippmann name by being incredibly durable and being backed by a 1 year warranty. While most semi players have the advantage of volume over most pump players the SL-II levels the field with range and accuracy.
Gun Only: $115

Kingman has taken their Hammer A, P and Plus and combined them to make the new Hammer. It now comes with a composite grip frame and a powerfeed. By combining these three Hammers Kingman has given us a reliable pump with tons of features.
Gun Only: $80

This inexpensive entry level pump is made from a durable polymer and is powered by co2 cartriges.
Gun Only: $50

The Tigershark is a pump marker made from the same materials as the Stingray and shares the same trigger frame. It has a removable 9 inch barrel and breaks down easily for cleaning.
Gun Only: $75