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The Angel is the most advanced marker on the market, it electronicly controoled trigger lets you choose from Full Auto, Semi, or Bursts of auto where a selected amount of balls will shoot in auto mode (by simply holding the trigger down) and once the selected limit expires, the gun stops shooting until you let go and pull it again...also allows for a VERY light Trigger Pull
$ 1250+
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Angel LCD
This is Awesome!, its an angel with all you can stuff into it, it has a ELECTRONIC LCD readout in the grip, with over 26 SELECTABLE modes of fire, its programmable, it has a life time shot counter, a per game shot counter, a MAXIMUM cycle rate achieved, timers, and even a password gun protection function!, and a vibrating grip timer!. its to amazing to believe!!!
$ 1400
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Another Gun thats got selectable rates of fire, and has an electronic trigger, it comes in S/F (semi full, 4X4(select fire), and semi..
$ 850
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This is like a angel, but not as advanced, you can do select fire, and it's an electronic gun also, pretty nice, and lite!, like a cheap version of the angel!
$ 750
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