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AutoMag Classic
This Gun is a second-level gun, not recomended for beginners, it comes with a carbon fiber barrel, or none, it doesnt allow liquid co2 to enter it, if it does, the gun will shut down, its design allows for a trigger pull that unbelieveable!, and the gun design is amazingly simple!
$ 475
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the minimag is a copy of the classic, it just features a smaller design, and it has a vertical adaptor.
$ 500
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AutoMag RT
This automag is totally awesom, some of the features inclue, stock fore-grip, raised sight rail, 45 grip trigger frame, and on!, but remember to pick up you favorite Nitro Or Compressed air sys. this one doesnt run co2!
$ 700
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AutoCocker Family
the auto cocker is a also a great gun, like the automag its a SEMI-AUTO, and its capabel of full auto, or sounding full auto, its also got its own warehouse of upgrades and different verstions, the Generation-X is said to be the most upgraded possible autococker, and that trying to upgrade it is impossible, there are way to many models to do a caption on, but ill sum it up for you, the autococker works like a regular semi auto, but it uses a ram to open and close the bolt-simply perfection, also lite, but kind of large, this gun will run co2, but will shut down if ANY liquid gets into the gun..
$ 350-900
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