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the automag classic is a standard second-level gun, its not fully automatic, yet it can be made into a fully automatic, or it can be shot so fast as a semi to the point where people think it is automatic, its heavyness is made up for by its quailty, its a high quality stainless steel - or aluminum gun, although the standard classic doesnt have a Powerfeed, its still worth it, there are a ton of upgrades on the market for it, BUT, the classic doesnt come with a barrel!, this is because most players dont like or use the stock barrel, they just go out and buy their own, so it's not included to save money, and not make you pay for something you dont want, this gun is not much of a gun for a beginner, another thing about the gun, is its an "open bolt" design, meaning its always cocked, it stays cocked even when its not aired up, its got many things that a beginner wouldnt understand, over all, i think its a great gun, a little on the heavy side, but a great gun-COST: $475(also comes in automag classic with powerfeed